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    101 Guide For Mastectomy Bras

    Mastectomy Bra

    What is a Mastectomy Bra?

    A mastectomy bra gives you the confidence you deserve to feel in your clothes whether you have had a single or double mastectomy. After breast surgery, the breast shape is dramatically altered. A mastectomy bra is specifically designed to provide you with a symmetrical, balanced appearance that is also comfortable and supportive.

    Mastectomy bras work for a variety of surgeries including:

    • A double mastectomy with reconstruction
    • A double mastectomy without reconstruction
    • A single mastectomy with reconstruction
    • A single mastectomy without reconstruction

    Who Wears a Mastectomy Bra?

    Mastectomy bras are typically worn by people that are undergoing a single mastectomy or double mastectomy as a form of breast cancer treatment or undergoing a preventative mastectomy. Some patients may choose to wear a mastectomy bra with breast forms if they choose not to reconstruct, and some breast cancer patients can wear a mastectomy bra in their post-surgery recovery with reconstructive surgery. Finding the right mastectomy bra for you depends on your surgery choices after the initial mastectomy surgery.

    What Makes a Mastectomy Bra Different?

    Mastectomy bras are different from other bras in many ways. First, they contain extra soft linings. It’s common after breast surgery to have sensitive skin from scarring, especially in the first few months when the skin is healing. This lining ensures the bras will be comfortable for all-day wear. There are also many non-wired options that contain a thick underband and supportive seams which add to the level of secureness and comfort these bras provide. The straps of mastectomy bras are also different in that they are wide and adjustable, giving you a variety of fitting options.

    Another unique feature is mastectomy bras often come with front-clasping, making them easier than ever to put on and take off (since shoulder mobility is often limited during the physical healing phase).

    Lastly, mastectomy bras contain specialized pockets in both cups that enable you to add breast prostheses as needed - these are known as breast forms.

    Mastectomy Bra

    What are Breast Forms?

    Breast forms are lightweight inserts that help you achieve a fuller cup and a more balanced look. Just simply place one breast form in your mastectomy bra pocket (or in both for those who have had a double mastectomy). They can easily be removed when washing your bras, while also staying securely in place during everyday wear.

    F(oo)B® inserts are light-as-air and affordable while being designed to fit based on your band size. For those who have had a mastectomy without reconstruction, our inserts give you a B/C cup.

    Mastectomy Bra Types

    There are several types of mastectomy bras for every need, fit, and style you desire. Oftentimes, the bras have combined features, such as pocketed front closure bras, or pocketed full coverage bras.

    Pocketed Bras

    These bras contain built-in pockets to accommodate your lightweight breast forms to achieve a full, balanced look. Use one or both pockets depending on your needs.

    Front Closure Bras

    Front closure bras are ideal for post-surgery dressing while still able to be worn well-beyond recovery.

    Full Coverage Bras

    Modest necklines, high sides, and wide armholes define the full coverage bras. They’re great for activities such as working out or for those needing extra support while at home.

    Sports Bras

    Looking for the perfect bra to hit the gym in? Mastectomy sports bras are made specifically with this in mind, giving you a snug fit, softness, adjustability, and style all-in-one bra.

    Wrap Bras

    Wrap bras are stylish and contain a traditional back closure without compromising comfort.

    Pullover Bras

    Having a slight stretch, pullover bras are easy to slide into. Choose one with a plunging neckline for wearing with your favorite low-cut dress.

    Cami Bras

    Feel extra flirty and sexy for a night in with these crop camis.

    Can Mastectomy Bras Be Comfortable?

    Absolutely! In fact, that’s the entire point of them - to be comfortable while still helping you feel confident and look great. Each of the mastectomy bra types mentioned above was designed with you in mind. The smooth fabric ensures your skin won’t be irritated, supportive seams help everything feel secure, adjustable straps mean you can have your bra fit the exact way you need it to, and wire-free designs for an extra touch of softness.

    How Do I Choose a Mastectomy Bra?

    Choosing the right mastectomy bra for your needs will be a big determining factor in how confident you feel. So when searching for the best mastectomy bra, it can help to start by asking yourself a few questions:

    • Will I need a bra that I can easily wear in the weeks after I’ve worn my medical-grade compression bra?
    • Will I be able to place a bra over my head?
    • Do I want a bra that I can wear with a plunging neckline?
    • Will I be going to the gym?
    • Do I want to wear lace?

    Chances are, you might find there are several bras you would like for a variety of uses (going to work or your local gym, going on a date, or lounging around at home on the weekends).

    What Size Bra Should I Get After a Mastectomy?

    It can feel overwhelming when shopping for your first mastectomy bra. That’s why we’ve put together our Fit Quiz to help you determine exactly which size mastectomy bra you should get.

    XS 30 A/B - 32A 0 - 2
    S 30 D/DD - 32A/B/C 2 - 4
    M 32 D/DD - 34 A/B/C 6 - 8
    L 34 D/DD - 36 A/B/C 10 - 12
    XL 36 D/DD - 38 A/B/C 14 - 16
    XX 38 D/DD - 40 A/B/C 18
    3X 40 D/DD - 42 A/B/C 20

    Find Your AnaOno Fit In Under 1 Minute

    How to Measure Mastectomy Bras?

    Measuring for mastectomy bra sizes often involves measuring your band size and cup size. Your band size is the area around your torso where the bra would usually be. You’ll want to use a flexible tape measurer for taking these measurements. If you don’t have a cup size on either breast, you can select “no cup size” on our Fit Quiz.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Fit Specialists Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm EST by phone (866-879-1744) or by email at

    Does Medicare Pay for Mastectomy Bras?

    A common question many people have is if medicare will pay for their bras. The answer is, usually. But it will depend on your specific health insurance plan. It’s worth calling your insurance company to see if they cover post-surgery bra costs and how much they cover. If so, you can request a prescription from your doctor for medical garments or durable medical equipment.

    In general, Medicare will often provide partial reimbursement for:

    • 4 to 6 pocketed mastectomy bras per year or as many as prescribed by your doctor as needed
    • As many camisoles as prescribed by your doctor (limited to 3 per month)
    • Additional pocketed bras can be partially covered if needed due to surgery and/or weight loss or weight gain

    You can learn more about insurance and Medicare coverage here.

    Where To Buy Mastectomy Bras?

    If you have a mastectomy coming up or just want to buy some new bras post-mastectomy, we’ve got the perfect ideas for where to find them.

    Buy Online

    Shop AnaOno online to find the most comfortable mastectomy bras in a wide variety of styles and fabrics. Shop AnaOno

    Buy In-Store

    We’ve put together this helpful guide that provides a list of boutiques in the U.S. and worldwide for those who want to shop in person. Keep in mind when shopping in-store, it can be very important to find a store that offers privacy, empathy, and individual attention for any questions you might have.

    About AnaOno

    We recognize not all breasts are (re)created equal. We embrace different breast shapes and surgery outcomes and intimately understand your unique needs. Our Founder and CEO, Dana Donofree, is a breast cancer survivor and used her fashion design experience to re-design bras that were not only comfortable but also beautiful.

    Our bras are designed to fit YOU. It's not just about your body – it's about your story. Maybe you’re a breast cancer patient or survivor. Maybe you’re asymmetrical or have other needs for a bra to fit your chest. You could be tired of traditional underwire bras that cause unnecessary pain and discomfort. You may just want something that makes you look and feel good. No matter who you are, no matter your story, we believe you should have a bra that fits your unique shape.

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