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Dana Donofree Talks Business at Women's Entrepreneurship Day

14 Jan, 2016

Dana Donofree Talks Business at Women's Entrepreneurship Day

AnaOno's founder and CEO Dana Donofree was selected to be a part of the 2015 Women's Entrepreneurship Day Panel at the United Nations this past November. You can watch her and other young female entrepreneurs talk about starting a new venture, building that business and finding solutions throughout the process and in the growth phase here.

Dana Donofree and Kate Rogers at Women's Entrepreneurship Day.

The panel was monitored by CNBC Small Business and Entrepreneurship Reporter Kate Rogers and also featured Emily Núñez Cavness, CEO and co-founder of Sword and Plough, Anna Stork, co-founder of LuminAID Lab and Christine Souffrant, CEO and founder of Vendedy and founder of Dubai Projects: Smart City Weekend and She Dares Group.

You can watch the day in its entirety through the link above, or if you'd like, jump to the 25:35 time mark to watch this panel only.

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