December 17, 2018


It’s the season of giving.  But if you’ve been following along this month, our theme here at AnaOno is all about support. December is the time to come together and show the people we love how much we care by offering them support, understanding and empathy, at a time when they may need it most. It’s about reminding your loved ones, yourself, and those around you that you are NEVER ALONE.

And while getting presents for yourself ROCKS, this time around we want you to nominate someone who you feel deserves an extra treat this holiday season. Show some support to your fellow breastiesignificant other or random stranger in the community that you think deserves a little extra loveTreat someone so they can treat themselves with our winter bundle of cozy items!

Nominations will be taken by posting on Facebook and Instagram and following our rules to enter below!


Winner will receive:

  • PrintFresh NEW Mini Velvet Gratitude Journal, so they can remember the good things that happened and focus on the positive.
  • Old City Canning Company’s Sore Muscle Bath Soak that they can use while they take a relaxing bath with their Cranberry Birch Soy Candle burning in an Artisan Gold Glass.
  • An AnaOno Robe and Bra and Panty set, so they can feel cozy and comfortable.
  • NONIKO skin Boob Balm, so they can add to their daily beauty ritual with this super smooth moisturizing blend.
  • Here We Grow: Mindfulness through Cancer and Beyond , a new memoir by Paige Davis, so they can snuggle up and get inspired by the journey from a breast cancer survivor. In the book, she shares her tool kit for transformation as she learns to befriend her body, cope through compassion, face survivor’s guilt, create a “new normal” post treatment, and discover the unexpected awakening of intuition and open-heartedness in her healing journey.
  • An inspirational necklace and ring that they can get glam in, designed by A Beautiful Dreamer.

(Valued at over $300).



  • Make an Instagram post nominating the person you feel deserves to win this giveaway, tell us why, and make sure to tag @anaonointimates and use #neveralone so we see it! 
  • Follow @anaonointimates on Instagram⠀
  • Like our announcement post ⠀
  • Tag 3 friends in the announcement post⠀
  • Follow all giveaway item accounts

For bonus entries: 

  • Follow the contributor accounts 


  • Make a Facebook post nominating the person you feel deserves to win the giveaway, tell us why, and  make sure to tag @anaonointimates so we see it! 
  • Like us on Facebook⠀
  • Like our giveaway post ⠀
  • Tag 3 friends in the giveaway post⠀

For bonus entries:

  • Follow the contributor accounts
Winner will be announced on 12/24 via Instagram story and in a post, and will be messaged privately.* 
Go nominate someone so they know that they are #NEVERALONE!
*One entry per customer. Must follow all entry rules. Entries accepted 12/17-12/21. Winner will be announced 12/24 via social media and winner will be messaged privately. Must respond within one week to receive items.

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