How Do I Find a Bra When I Only Have One Boob?

June 13, 2019

How Do I Find a Bra When I Only Have One Boob?

Unfortunately, our doctors don’t exactly give us style advice on pretty bras to wear after a single mastectomy, and post-op care doesn’t come with a catalogue on what bras will flatter our natural boob and flat side simultaneously. Is it really so much to ask for a little bit of guidance on how to ensure our self-confidence will heal along with our surgical side?! It’s enough to make anyone crazy, frustrated, and uncomfortable.

By now we’ve accepted that our doctors are the experts in cancer, not lingerie options. Fortunately, our team at AnaOno has seen it ALL, and have you covered (literally and physically), so you can find a unilateral bra that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Photo courtesy of Charise Isis and The Grace Project

What is a Unilateral Bra?

A unilateral bra or bralette is exactly what it sounds like: a bra that is made to fit those with one breast after a unilateral mastectomy. This bra can support your natural breast, while simultaneously providing comfort to your flat side. A Unilateral bra will give you the illusion of symmetry, but most importantly, our bra styles for one or uneven breasts are super soft and stylish, making you feel sexy and beautiful.

How to Get the Right Fit for Different Sized Boobs

When trying on a bra to fit your body after a unilateral mastectomy, steer clear of underwire bras. While it’ll be supportive one side, the underwire isn’t going to be comfortable for your flat side. Instead, when looking for unilateral mastectomy style, look for a bra that provides fuller coverage with plenty of stretch. This will support your natural side while comfortably hugging your flat side. This might seem obvious, but a fuller coverage bra style will give support to your single girl, while giving you the compression and comfort you need where you are flat. All AnaOno bras are underwire free, and made super soft material, so they’ll feel comfortable against your skin and won’t irritate your scars. Our unilateral bra collection features underwire-free, pocketed styles fit for unilateral mastectomy with reconstruction or unilateral mastectomy without reconstruction. Unsure of your size? Our helpful fit guide can help you find your size post-surgery with style suggestions curated just for you.

What To Look For In A Bra for Uneven Breasts or One Breast

The Option of Pockets: Everyone wants options, right? Want to rock breast forms or prosthesis for a more symmetrical look? A pocketed bra is best to accommodate your form of choice. Check out our pocketed bra collection and our newly launched F(OO)B­™foam insert for a comfy and natural way to balance and achieve symmetry. The F(OO)B™ is so light, it doesn’t even weigh an ounce, it’s comfy and bouncy, and looks super-natural in your favorite top or alone in your bra. All our pocketed bras are underwire free, soft, and designed to fit any breast form or prosthesis, so you can create balance at your preference, or not. The choice is yours! For a mastectomy bra with built-in forms, simply include a F(OO)B™ insert with your purchase, and pop them in the pockets to easily make your own.

Our Front Closure Bra with a breast form can help achieve balance with your flat and natural breast.

Strap Options: Look for bras that have adjustable straps. Adjustable or convertible straps help to customize your fit based on your comfort. An adjustable style, like our sexy and lacy Gloria Pocketed Wirefree Bra, is a great bra option for one breast. The adjustable straps allow you to tighten and lift where you might need it, especially on your natural side, and can also be worn with any F(OO)B insert, breast form, pad or prosthesis. With a unilateral bra with convertible straps, you have the option to wear the straps regular or crossed in the back for a bit more support. With convertible straps, like in our Delilah Dream Soft Cub Bra style, you add versatility to your bra to fit any top in your closet, or to simply adjust if your natural side may need a bit more of a lift.


More Hooks for Comfort: Look at the hook closure: a good, comfortable bra for one breast will have a wider band and more hooks in back, or the front like our Front Closure, to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. When you have a larger natural breast, you need more support, so having more hooks will give you what you need, while providing comfort and coverage to your flat or reconstructed side. Have a smaller natural breast? The wider hook option will feel so comfortable on your back, you won’t want to take your bra off.


Gina shows off her uniboob look in our pocketed Front Closure Bra.

The Softer, the Better The skin on your mastectomy side is much more sensitive from surgery, so luxuriously soft materials are in order. All of our bras, like the the Front Closure and Delilah are made with modal, a silky smooth, softer-than-cotton material that will make even radiation-treated skin sing. This material makes our bras super soft to the touch, and so comfortable against your skin, like a warm hug, making you feel protected, secured, comfortable and beautiful. Feel it for yourself! With our free returns and exchanges policy, or by trying on at a store near you, you can feel the luxe softness in our styles risk-free.


Stretchy & Sporty: Sportier style bras and everyday silhouettes give you the light support and comfort you need on a more casual day. The Leslie Soft Support Leisure Bra is a unilboob fav and a go-to for every day wear. It’s pocketed to accommodate your breast form (if you want to wear it), offers custom support and is soft and pretty enough to wear under your favorite fitted white tee. It’s even stretchy enough for you to easily step-in to if you are struggling with your range of motion, or can be pulled over, making it a perfect option post-surgery and years beyond for breathable, flexible and never restrictive style.

Gina, with a unilateral mastectomy, wears the super soft and comfy Leslie Bra.
Bring Sexy Back: It can be tough to get your confidence back in the bedroom when you aren’t feeling like your old symmetrical self. Get your mojo back with a lacey, pocketed option that fits you like a dream. The Jess and Gloria are two sexy styles made to fit those with unilateral mastectomy with and without reconstruction. It comes with a smoothing pad for a sleek look under clothes, and is removable to accommodate for a breast form if you want to wear one. Made with stretch lace, and always underwire free, these bras give you the style and support you crave, without the discomfort.

Gina wears her form to create symmetry in the sexy and pocketed Gloria wirefree bra for one breast.


Bra shopping after your single mastectomy should be empowering, not frustrating. So no matter what style (or styles) you decide on, the most important thing to remember when shopping for unilateral mastectomy style and choosing the bra of your dreams, is that it makes you feel your most comfortable, confident and beautiful.

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