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    No.2: How Long Do Bras Last?

    Knowing when to replace your bras can be a confusing. As long as they still fit and seem to be supportive, then should be good, right? How long do bras last? The answers to these questions will depend on several factors, including how often you wear your bra. If you are wondering, “how often should you replace our bra,” read on to see what we recommend.

    How Long Do Bras Last?

    How long your bra lasts depends on how often you wear it. If you have one bra that you wear every day, then it’s recommended that you replace it every six months to one year. Should you own several bras that you wear on rotation, then you can replace them less frequently.

    If you are wondering, “how long do sports bras last,” the same answer applies. If you wear your sports bra often, the after six months or a year, you need to start shopping for a new one.

    Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Bra

    If you’re uncertain how long you’ve had a certain bra or are having a hard time getting rid of it, there are some signs you can look for. These will let you know it’s time for a bra replacement. These include:

    Lack of Support

    The role of your bra is to support your breasts. If your bra is unable to do that, then getting a new one is in your best interest. More often than not, the first thing you’ll notice is a loose band. This is the part of the bra that goes around your chest. It shouldn’t be so tight that it squeezes the air out of you, but it should be snug. Should you notice that it feels loose, this is a sign it’s time for a new bra.

    Wear and Tear

    Another sign that it’s time for a new bra is if you notice wear and tear. You might be the only one who sees your bra on a regular basis, but you shouldn’t be wearing an undergarment with holes — no matter how comfortable you think it is.

    If you want comfort and support, look for full coverage bras made from super soft materials. It’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, but you won’t be embarrassed or have to deal with a grungy bra.

    You Want Something New

    There may come a time in your life when your old bras just don’t work like they used to. If you’ve had a mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction, you may find that the bras you wore in the past are no longer comfortable. This is another sign that you need to get new bras.

    You might find that when you open your drawer that you aren’t happy or excited to put on any of the bras you currently own. This is another sign that you need to get some new ones.

    Buying New Bras

    Bras were not meant to last forever. When it’s time to replace them, AnaOno has a variety of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something sexy and supportive or a bra for everyday wear, we have what you need. Check out our selection today!