Introducing the Kelly Bra!

August 25, 2014 1 Comment

Do you want that comfy, yet sexy style that can go anywhere? AnaOno's most popular style, the Kelly, gives you all that and more!

It has all the benefits of an ultra-comfy sporty style, while also providing a level of allure and fashion with a super sexy lace body fabric.

The Kelly's plunging neckline and peak-a-boo, single layer racer back, for style and breath-ability, has a fit that works for women at all stages of the reconstructive process. If you've had a lumpectomy or a single mastectomy, this is the bra for you. Because of the two-way stretch lace material, not only is it sexy, but it also gives you the versatility of fit that can accommodate the feeling of unevenness. It stretches to fit the differences in each breast and provides an option outside of uncomfortable under-wires found in traditional lingerie.

Maybe you have begun to forget bras after a TRAM, DIEP, LAT flap surgery, this is the perfect style to ease back into undergarments. It is comfy yet pretty and can feel more fashionable than a camisole worn under your clothing.

After breast reconstruction, with saline or silicone implants, one may struggle finding a good comfy fit without under-wires, the Kelly is a great solution, the plunging neckline has flattering angles that feel sexy and feel as if you are wearing nothing, and it’s that comfortable! We suggest buying two, you'll eventually have to do the laundry ;)

The Kelly goes anywhere and everywhere, from a day full of errands, to a festive night on the town, or cuddled into your covers for movie night, its versatile fit and comfort is the staple we all need in our bra drawer!

Don't forget, 10% of sales support Jill's Wish Foundation, a charity founded by Stage IV breast cancer warrior Jill Conley. Her mission is to help relieve the financial burden on families that need it so women can focus on recovery!

As for Jill's motto, "Rock What You Got" - We say, go rock it in the Kelly!

AnaOno Intimates are proudly made in the USA!



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debra frank
debra frank

August 27, 2014

This design looks like it covers all on my ‘needs’ list. I found the need to have comfort under the breast where my lumpectomy incision was, to prevent rubbing. Also I like that it rises above the lymph node incision area unlike most sports bras…another sensitive area. Good job!

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