It's Because of You.

December 31, 2015

It's Because of You.


A personal note from founder, Dana Donofree.

As I reflect on this year coming to an end, there is so much to be thankful for... 


Because of you. 

As 2015 comes to a close, I wanted to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. What an amazing year it has been, not only for myself, personally, but for AnaOno and our entire community! 

On a personal note, this year was a big milestone in my cancer treatment. I celebrated my 5 years from my diagnosis on my 33rd birthday, with an amazing video montage that my husband made and surprised me with. And I celebrated again, when I hit 5 years from my last treatment date in September! I never thought about how hard the last 5 years had been, what myself and my family and friends had endured along side with me. I was holding on to many emotions, many I didn't realize until that 5 year marker hit, but it doesn't necessarily make it all better. We, as a community, have lost way too many women to this horrific disease, and continue to lose them daily. We have to join together and help the metastatic community build their voice, to get even louder, to get the attention breast cancer care deserves, and to FIND A CURE!

And for AnaOno, WOW, what a year! The support has been bigger than I could have ever imagined. I thank all of the women that have shared their stories with me. Their stories about their lives before cancer, after cancer, and those they have loved. And the experience of their journeys', and hearing how we helped make just a small difference, by offering something beautiful and comfortable, warms even the deepest pits in my heart! We still have so much work to do, and I cannot do it without your continued support. I have heard many stories, and been offered many suggestions by women around the world, and I am listening! I am excited to have the opportunity to launch even more collections next year, broadening the focus from reconstruction, and the flat & fabulous, to pocketed bras, expanded size ranges, recovery wear and even, swimwear! So stay tuned, stay connected, and you will hear first hand of all the new developments we have been working so hard on the last few months! 

And for our community, with your help, we have reached more women, and even the medical community, to let them know of issues and challenges with our lives post treatment. Breast cancer does not stop when you leave your last doctor appointment. We live our lives to the fullest, we should feel strong, beautiful and proud, especially after all we have been through. So to all of those AnaOno ambassadors, the ones that share your story with your friends, and even your nurses and doctors, THANK YOU. Its because of you we can keep our doors open and continue to push forward to get our community feeling beautiful and sexy post treatment! WE should never doubt that feeling or emotion, or feel guilty, we have fought for our lives, we should celebrate! 

And one last thing, this year, and every year, we are losing women to this disease before their time. Today, I have a very special request, for our beautiful and inspirational, my muse, Jill Conley. Yesterday she was transported back to her home in the care of hospice. Jill was diagnosed a few years ago with metastatic breast cancer, and now she fights through her final days. She has inspired and warmed the hearts of many, and continues to push forward with the help of Jill's Wish, a non profit helping women struggling to pay their bills during their treatment so they can focus on their recovery. I am so fortunate to not only call Jill my friend & sister, but to be intimately involved in Jill's Wish. We have helped over a dozen families this year, this is her legacy and it will live on! And this evening, as you sit and reflect, please send your love and prayers to Jill and her family.

And with that, I raise a glass to all of you this New Year's Eve, so here's to you! Celebrate, be merry, and be proud! 

With love always, 

Never Alone
Dana Donofree


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