Most Supportive Bralettes of All Time

July 01, 2019

Most Supportive Bralettes of All Time

After your mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, your f(oo)bs don’t require underwire styles anymore. And while giving up underwire bras can feel like a loss at first, the world of bralettes is such a fun and cozy one to explore! 

In a post-mastectomy world, womankind has been blessed by the fact that wirefree bralettes are now trendy, pretty, and supportive enough to completely replace our underwire bras. Plus they’re super comfortable and more friendly to our post-surgical bodies. Luckily finding the perfect post-mastectomy bralette for your body and surgery type is now easier and more effortless than ever.

When looking for your wireless post-mastectomy bra or bralette, you’ll want to look for one that offers unparalleled support, comfort and style.

Meet The Leslie Bra

The Leslie Soft Support Leisure Bra is chic, stretchy, and offers flexible comfort that is never binding or restrictive.

“This bra was the most comfortable bra I've ever put on in my life, and the fit is simply amazing. I even think there's enough support if my doctor says I have to keep wearing something supportive.” -Teri

This supple and soft bra is the result of our insistence on supreme comfort, easy dressing and wearable loveliness. It is super soft and stretchy enough to pull over your head or step into, and beautiful beyond surgery, so you’ll love wearing it years post-op! Offering light-medium support, the Leslie offers the subtle support you need, especially after breast surgery or mastectomy, and without irritating your scars or sensitive skin.

“The ONLY bra I've been comfortable wearing for weeks and weeks post-op. It's beautifully made and ultra-soft. The first week or so, it was so nice to be able to step in to it. After that, it was easy to pull on over my head. I know I'll be wearing it even after I am all healed up, it is just so comfy!” -Bonnie G.

This wireless post-mastectomy bralette is made with softer-than-cotton modal material and features a double-layered lining. This special double layer is extremely gentle on incision scars, and will allow them to breathe the way they should through recovery

The added mesh panels provide additional breathability throughout the day, giving this style a sporty feel , making it an excellent post-mastectomy active style for light movement or yoga.

“The perfect bra for working out. The fabric soothes and breathes no matter how hard I'm exercising. From cardio to weights, I feel incredibly comfortable even when my exercise leaves me breathless. Plus, no chafing or irritating my scar lines.” -Megan

Having a bra that you can wear around the clock comfortably after your mastectomy is important. The Leslie Bra can take you from post-op, through treatments, to bed, and all the way back to the gym once you are healed.

Meet The Delilah Bra

The Delilah Bra is flirty, feminine, and is sure to bring out your inner romantic.  

Explore your romantic side with the dreamy Delilah Bra, paired here with our classic mesh underwear in ivory.

This lacey, airy style is stretchy and also easy to put on post-surgery. Ideal for everyday wear, this super soft and supportive bralette will become your go-to for a sexy look without the discomfort.

This dreamy, soft, wireless, post-surgical bra also features removable plush pads for additional modesty and a smooth finish.

This versatile style blends function with fashion! The Super Soft® lace trim, and a breathable lace back panel give you gorgeous and effortless comfort, whether you wear it all day or all night. Who say's functional can't also be beautiful even when you sleep? This soft-cup bra has become a post-mastectomy favorite to sleep in due to it’s extremely soft and comforting feel.

The Delilah can be worn beautifully if you have 2 breasts, 1 breast or no breasts at all. The straps are also adjustable and convertible so you can customize your support, and even criss-cross for heavier activities or movement. If you are unilateral or haven’t undergone your mastectomy yet, the thick, no-dig straps will support your natural breast effortlessly, and it’s pocketed, so you can pop in your favorite form for some balance if you want.

“As a D cup, [I need my bra] to have support. This bra is perfect!” -Tamara E.

Finding a lovely, soft and supportive bralette after breast surgery shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should be exciting! These ultra-soft modal bralettes bring out two different personalities: Sporty and chic in the Leslie Bra, and romantic and angelic in the Delilah Bra. Whichever one you choose, you will feel like you’re floating on cloud nine.



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