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Two strangers, One diagnosis

12 Oct, 2017

Two strangers, One diagnosis

For our sisters just starting their "journey," and those who have been on it for what feels like forever, this interview is everything. It hits every high, and every low of breast cancer, and I hope you all enjoy it.
How would you answer some of these questions? If you could go back to your diagnosis day, what questions would you ask Dana, or another Survivor/Thriver?
Warning: this is a tearjerker, but an absolutely beautiful must-watch!

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Kathy Trow

October 12, 2017

Powerful! Love you Dana!


October 13, 2017

This was beautiful. I can easily relate to both of you. Thanks for sharing!

Destinie Carbone

October 13, 2017

thank you for this. I cried so hard but I needed to hear this today. xoxo

Dee Fraker

October 14, 2017

Dana and Fran you are HEROS!!
Thank you for being real and sharing your stories. You spoke the truth and shared what we and our loved ones all go through when Cancer rears its ugly self.
Stay strong!! Stay True!! HUGS & LOVE!!

Melissa Harnish

November 13, 2017

I just want to thank you ladies, sisters, for sharing the real, the raw and honestly confirming for me, that it’s ok to not be positive 100% of the time. That we struggle to maintain ourselves through this whole process, and will for the rest of our lives. I find myself keeping low-profile with those I love, out of wanting to protect them from knowing how much pain I am in, or how tired I am. The hardest part is navigating this (I have stage IV, Metastatic Invasive Lobular, de novo) It’s been 2yrs since symptoms and will be 2yrs in January that the “primary tumor” was found… it was a tough 4 1/2 months, but once we were certain, I had full hysterectomy, and appendectomy 2/5/16… that’s when I began to feel better, to feel like I wasn’t “dying with cancer” but now, I was “living with cancer”. You gals truly are amazing. Wish I could hug both of you. I just wanted to say I totally relate to “losing friends” as well. I understand that they don’t know what to say, or what to do (and I am not the type to ask for or let people know that I need help, or a hug, etc… I am working on that) I also feel lonely at times because at times my “bad days” or fears have been met with lectures on thinking positive, etc. A very close person told me I needed to “get our of my head, stop focusing on this” (and they are right… but not all the time) They told me I needed to “stop acting like this will be my last Christmas, last Birthday, etc” – so, again, Thank You for your candid “permission” / “confirmation” that it’s a scarey, fearful place to be, and it’s ok to recognize that. For me, it’s part of what makes Gratitude felt so much deeper, makes every sunny day that much better. It certainly helping me “live in the moment” more… I keep praying I get many more years of moments to appreciate. Especially because the thought of leaving my almost 18yr old son behind is not an option I will accept… so I keep asking for prayers, for thoughts, and I fight… as do you and all of us. Thank You for sharing part of you. XOXOXO

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