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Two strangers, One diagnosis

12 Oct, 2017

Two strangers, One diagnosis

For our sisters just starting their "journey," and those who have been on it for what feels like forever, this interview is everything. It hits every high, and every low of breast cancer, and I hope you all enjoy it.
How would you answer some of these questions? If you could go back to your diagnosis day, what questions would you ask Dana, or another Survivor/Thriver?
Warning: this is a tearjerker, but an absolutely beautiful must-watch!

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Christy Kenz

October 12, 2017

Thank you for this interview. I cried right along with both of these beautiful ladies. I’m only 2-1/2 years out and I’m old with no small children. Lots of grandchildren though and two great grands!! I’m blessed beyond measure.
I think we all share a bond even if our circumstances are a little different, the of the unknown and the strong will to beat this.
Thank you both for being so transparent.

Kathy Trow

October 12, 2017

Powerful! Love you Dana!


October 13, 2017

This was beautiful. I can easily relate to both of you. Thanks for sharing!

Destinie Carbone

October 13, 2017

thank you for this. I cried so hard but I needed to hear this today. xoxo

Dee Fraker

October 14, 2017

Dana and Fran you are HEROS!!
Thank you for being real and sharing your stories. You spoke the truth and shared what we and our loved ones all go through when Cancer rears its ugly self.
Stay strong!! Stay True!! HUGS & LOVE!!

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