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    The (re)Issue

    StyleEsteem Wardrobe was created by young breast cancer survivor Sonya, to give women of all hair journeys the choice of fashionable headwear. At  StyleEsteem you can shop for turbans the same way you shop for clothes, by season and occasion. From lounge wear to couture styles, each turban was created to empower you with elegance, confidence and dignity as you live your beautiful story.
    Meet AnaOno agent, Gina LaPapa, @ginabeingbrave. Gina is a faith warrior and encourager. She writes a blog where she encourages her readers to grow their faith through everyday brave moments. For the past 15 years, as a breast cancer overcomer (Paget’s Disease), she is a speaker, writer, and mentor for women who face their own trials. Gina was diagnosed with Paget's Disease in 2004, shortly after the birth of her second child. She underwent a mastectomy of the right breast.
    What to do after a stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis. Meet AnaOno agent, Bianca Muñiz aka @biancamunizofficial. Bianca is a cancer advocate and super talented musician who loves captivating the unspoken through music. She modeled in our 2019 Sport Launch shoot and has been an AnaOno supporter from the beginning!
    Meet Jamie Lee, a fearless, flat thriver who balances motherhood, advocacy and running her own business with a smile on her face 24/7. She has devoted her energy to living a lifestyle as free from chemicals as possible. After years of extensive research and trial-and-error experimentation, she developed her own line of personal hygiene products that are aluminum free, paraben free, and chemical free. 
    Meet AnaOno agent, Amber Cloke. Amber is an active mom of two who modeled in our Sport launch in 2019. She works full-time in higher education and has spent the past 7 years helping students work through their struggles, navigate their college experience, and overcome obstacles that push them toward their own success – whatever that may be. She also owns a health and fitness coaching business where she teaches others how to create a healthy lifestyle that works for them.
    Meet AnaOno agent, Mackenzie Alleman. Mackenzie is a previvor, BRCA1 advocate and an ambassador for The Breasties. She lost her mother to triple negative breast cancer in 2014 and has a family history, so she chose genetic testing and had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.
    Meet AnaOno agent, Asha Miller aka Dear Cancer It’s Me. Asha is a wife, mother and Breasties ambassador. She fearlessly rocked the runway in our 2020 AnaOno x #Cancerland New York Fashion Week show. 
    Meet AnaOno agent, Melissa Berry aka Cancer Fashionista. Melissa has been a #1 fan and supporter of AnaOno since the beginning. When launching her own platform on how to navigate breast cancer like you would the pages of VOGUE magazine, Melissa set out to help just one woman feel beautiful in her journey, something we share and agree with!
    Meet Shoni Brown, our favorite bada** breast cancer thriver and advocate. Shoni is a health and physical educator for over 16 yearsHer passions include educating others about health and fitness, lymphedema and being "your own advocate." Shoni's health and fitness background lent perfectly to our Sport launch last year where she modeled our sports bras