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    The (re)Issue

    Because we hate drains so much, and wanted to make the lives of everyone going through a mastectomy as easy as possible, we designed the Miena Robe with a game-changing feature: The Drain Belt. Read along and learn how this one revolutionary design feature will change the way you heal from your mastectomy.
    AnaOno and Amoena are teaming up to help you shape your way, any day. What do we mean? Both Amoena shapers and AnaOno bras are meant for those who’ve had breast surgeries – and we think they’re better together.
    Here at AnaOno, we have the perfect bras for every single stage of treatment and recovery you go through, and the radiation phase is no exception. Get to know a few of our favorite ultra-soft, luxurious styles designed specifically for you and your needs in mind.

    For bras that offer better support and are more comfortable, get helpful tips for how to eliminate underwire bra pain from the team at AnaOno.

    Knowing how many bras you need after your single or double mastectomy can feel just as puzzling as knowing what bras to get in the first place. There are so many stages to surgery, recovery, treatment (and beyond!) that we need bras for. We are here to help you navigate the question: “how many post-mastectomy bras do I need?”

    You are already a fighter. You have come through one of the most trying and scary times in your life, and you’re still here to tell the story. 

    Guest blog: Kristin Moya

    I said goodbye to the thoughts that were consuming my mind and began to embrace the start of a new life. That is, life after cancer. Boy is this life sweet!! For the first time in forever I felt like ME once again. In all honesty, coming from a time where inflammation was the new norm because of the amount of steroids and chemotherapy I received, my days of looking in the mirror suddenly became a joy as I started to dwell on the fact that my hair was getting longer and my body was toned. I had ultimately reached a phase where my main desire was to bring sexy back into the life after cancer - where I was no longer facing many of the challenges I once had, but instead living my best life. Why should I hide my scars? Why should I ever feel uncomfortable in my own skin? 

    Pinktober is upon us. AnaOno and the breasties want to remind you all that October is not the time for Pink Washing. What is pink washing? This is the common practice of exploiting the pink ribbon in effort to sell and profit from products that do not go back to the cause of which they are promoting. Not every pink ribbon on every product has purpose beyond “awareness.” If you love pink, and you love pink ribbons, that is not the problem, companies that false advertise or market products with the hidden purpose of “Curing Breast Cancer” but do not donate back to a cause for further treatments and research for breast cancer, is Pink Washing. If you want to learn more about pink washing, how to become more informed about pink washing and want to learn how to support this movement, please continue reading.
    Living with a breast cancer diagnosis is difficult. Finding the right words to describe what you’re going through and making sense of it all can be overwhelming and confusing. Whenever we’re not sure where to turn, we turn to music. Listening to music has the power to inspire us and bring us joy and hope during times we may feel hopeless. Whether you have breast cancer, have a family member with cancer, or are a caregiver, turn up the volume and get ready to find your breast fight song with the ten best songs about fighting cancer.
    Learning to love your body after a mastectomy surgery, with or without reconstruction can feel overwhelming. The scars, the pain, the discomfort, all of these challenges arise when looking to buy a mastectomy bra, and that is why, we here at AnaOno, want to make sure it is as easy as it can be to find your own beauty.
    I was living and working in Afghanistan when I received the email that I had breast cancer. I was alone in my barracks room in Kabul shocked to receive the news as I was young and healthy. I had no idea what this meant for me, my job, or my future.
    StyleEsteem Wardrobe was created by young breast cancer survivor Sonya, to give women of all hair journeys the choice of fashionable headwear. At  StyleEsteem you can shop for turbans the same way you shop for clothes, by season and occasion. From lounge wear to couture styles, each turban was created to empower you with elegance, confidence and dignity as you live your beautiful story.