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    The (re)Issue

    Surgery can leave nipples in new spots, pointing in different directions, or overall, just more noticeable than before. After surgery, you may want something to protect and smooth out your nipples. All our bras are pocketed, and most come with removable modesty pads. Modesty pads can be great to achieve symmetry, hide nipples, and provide a little extra padding.
    At AnaOno, we’re always looking for ways to continue to support our community, which is why we’ve partnered with Natrelle Breast Augmentation & Reconstruction for the Natrelle Inspires bra to bring beauty (and comfort) into the lives of those newly diagnosed with breast cancer. 

    We talked to a few women who are on the road to self-acceptance after breast cancer and are setting their sights on the ultimate goal: self-celebration and true self-love after their mastectomy surgery. Follow along to read their own reflections, personal struggles with negative body image, and the personal mantras that are helping them work beyond their doubts.

    One of the hardest things to find is a good sleep bra, especially following breast cancer surgery. Look no further than our collection at AnaOno. 

    We know that making the transition from bra-free nights to sleep bras isn't easy. That's why we created these bras to be so comfortable and lightweight that you'll enjoy wearing them all day and night. 

    At AnaOno we love sharing information with our community when the information can help with successful treatment, recovery and wellbeing. Artist, parent, philanthropist and BRCA1 previvor Samantha Paige follows up her popular guest post about her explant decision, with her Last Cut process, a six-step decision-making framework.

    After having a mastectomy, you may decide to use bra inserts. While a breast prosthesis will provide a very realistic look and feel, that’s not your only option. Using F(oo)Bs™ from AnaOno gives you the shape you’re looking for with an incredibly lightweight material. It’s a great option for any patient who’s undergone a breast surgery. Learn more about F(oo)Bs™ to decide if they might be the right fit for you.
    When it comes to daily wear essentials, few undergarments stack up to the ultra-versatile T-shirt bra. This comfy, casual mainstay is a favorite in the rotation because it tends to match the way you feel: relaxed and ready to chill. Think of it as your all-day-everyday, lounge-on-the-couch, and rock-on-casual-Friday bra.
    You are already a fighter. You have come through one of the most trying and scary times in your life, and you’re still here to tell the story. 

    For bras that offer better support and are more comfortable, get helpful tips for how to eliminate underwire bra pain from the team at AnaOno.

    Wondering how should a bra fit? Read this article from AnaOno for some advice on finding the best fitting bra to give you comfort and support.

    Dana had the opportunity to have a private session with Amy Koslowsky of Integrative Physical Therapy. Amy specializes in breast cancer recovery and musculoskeletal issues. 

    Stretching daily can help improve flexibility, improve your posture and decrease your risk of injury when you do exercise. Stretching also provides your mind with a mental break. It allows you to recharge and refresh the blood flow throughout your body, resulting in a calmer and more peaceful mindset.

    In today’s busy world filled with packed schedules and endless responsibilities, it feels impossible to carve out time for ourselves. However, caring for yourself isn’t something you can just push to the side because you feel overwhelmed. It’s especially important if you’re dealing with health issues or recovering from surgery. In order to take care of everything else going on in your life, you first need to take care of yourself. Learn more about the importance of self-care and get tips for how to do it.