The Comfiest Lounge Bras

July 26, 2019

The Comfiest Lounge Bras

We live in a new age where female comfort is KING...we mean QUEEN. And can we just say: YASSSS!

Gone are the days where we have to sacrifice comfort for beauty and vice versa. As women we can officially have it all: comfort and beauty, even after a breast cancer diagnosis, mastectomy, reconstruction, or other breast surgeries. We live in the glorious comfortable world now where athleisure can be worn to date night, and joggers (aka sweatpants) can be worn to a business meeting. But with this new-found trend of all-around comfort, finding comfy and stylish lounge bras still remains somewhat mysterious and can be challenging after a breast cancer diagnosis. How do you find something comfortable after breast surgery?

We believe that comfort should start at the beginning: with your bra. Your bra is the first thing you put on in the morning to get ready and should offer you more comfort and relief than anything else you own. Whether you are bossing up in the boardroom or binging Big Little Lies at home, you deserve for your f(oo)bs to feel like they're floating on cloud 9. 

Read along to discover our comfiest lounge bras ever, how they help your body after surgery, and why you need them in your life STAT for the ultimate comfort and style that you deserve.

Supportive Lounge Bras To Relax In And Relieve Your Pain

While there are some who love ripping off their bras the second they get home at the end of a long day, there are others who prefer the comfort of slipping into something plush and comfy, a house or lounge bra, that can be worn for casual nights in or for sleep. If you fall into that category, having pretty bras that are super soft is key to your comfort for lounging through recovery or for relaxing in your comfy lounge bra. Choosing styles with is recommended for super soft, breathable material, that will soothe and ease and pain or scars on your skin. Our delicate, soft modal wirefree bralettes are the perfect addition to the ‘cozy’ section of your lingerie drawer.

Looking for a soft post-mastectomy lounge bra? Our all-time favorite bra to relax in is The Leslie Bra. Tried and true, this silky smooth, super stretchy modal bra is the most HEAVENLY bra ever, and sits cozy against your skin like a warm hug with the soothing and breathable design. It is so soft, you will barely be able to tell you’re wearing a bra at all; making it a favorite post-mastectomy bra, radiation bra, or reconstruction bra, especially for sensitive skin. This style provides relief to any of your sensitive areas affected by breast surgeries or radiation treatment, and offers unparalleled softness to tender scars or incision points.

Never restrictive, The Leslie is stretchy enough for you to step in, or pull over your head when you have more movement,  making it a perfect option to sleep in post-surgery or mastectomy or a daily go-to for those looking for all-day softness.

“After a massive procedure like I had with incisions on my whole torso, it's nice to have something as simple as a bra to help you feel back to normal.” -Erica D.

Full Coverage Post-Surgery Lounge Bra For Larger Reconstructed Breasts

We know how hard it can be to find a bra that covers your girls comfortably but doesn’t feel (and look) like your grandma’s bra. Big boobs deserve to look pretty and feel comfy too! If your f(oo)bs run on the larger side, look no further than The Monica Bra, a pretty bra made for after breast surgery and a great fit for larger busts This full-coverage mastectomy bra  provides next-level support and comfort for your body after mastectomy, and is a bra option for those with one breast, no breasts or two breasts, and is a pocketed bra for inserting breast forms, prosthesis or our F(oo)B™ light weight foam inserts.  

This soft bra features wire-free cups that provide support through the strong, yet stretchy modal fabric, convertible straps, and wide back bridge, all features that increase support across your back and underarms, and allow your f(oo)bs to rest comfortably. This makes it a go-to lounge bra that not only comforts but makes you feel as confident as you are supported.

Buttery soft, The Monica is gentle on sensitive areas like scars,sensitive skin after radiation, and can accommodate for size changes and is a bra that fits two different breast sizes.

Monica, our full-coverage bra, will treat you right, no matter what surgery you’ve been through. She’ll fit you like a dream whether you’ve had a single or double mastectomy, reconstruction surgery, DIEP flap reconstruction, lumpectomy or have sensitive skin post-radiation therapy. It even fits great if your breasts are still au natural, or have had a breast reduction or augmentation.

Pretty Lounge Bra For Small Or No Breasts After Mastectomy

Another super soft modal bralette perfect to chill, relax or relieve post-surgery pain in is pretty and flirty plunge bra, The Molly Bra. If you are small chested or flat after mastectomy, this bra will lay perfectly against your skin without any bunching or excess fabric. Made with soft seaming and non-molded cups, this fun t-shirt bra fits well for breast cancer patients, survivors, thrivers and previvors in all phases, post-surgery, experiencing chronic pain, sensitive skin and other effects from radiation, sensitive areas from post-surgery scars, and more. And while it fits great on breast cancer survivors after a bilateral mastectomy, it is also a great option following an explant surgery, removal of breast implants, and during transitions of deflating implants. Breast surgeries can leave discomfort and scarring behind, this helps keep you supported and comfortable during these transitions.

Jaime L. lounging, showing off her flat and fabulous body in the pretty, wirefree  Molly Bra.

What makes these pretty, feminine post-surgery bras so comfy is the modal stretchy, breathable and smooth modal material that makes everything lay nicely and feel comfortable under your favorite t-shirts. When you’re ready to take your Molly Bra out of the house, it looks great in your favorite low-cut top. The wirefree cups, adjustable straps, comfy support, and feminine details will give you a look that is flirty and comfy all at once. 

No matter what size or surgery you’ve been through, we have an uber-cozy lounge bra out there waiting to rock your post-surgery body in the unbeatable, silky comfort. To check out more of our versatile post-mastectomy favorites, head here.

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