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    No.149: What Bra Do I Get My Mom For Her Mastectomy?

    We know how overwhelming it can be when your mom calls you up and you hear the news: "I have breast cancer." She's scared, and you probably are, too. With her upcoming double or single mastectomy and breast surgery, all you want is to make things as easy and comfortable for her while she heals from surgery. You want to take care of her the way she has always taken care of you.

    While her breast cancer diagnosis can make you feel unsteady and unsure of what to do, just know that you are not alone. AnaOno is an incredible community full of breast cancer previvors, survivors, thrivers and care-vivors (AKA caregivers) who have been through it all and came out on the other side with wisdom and knowledge that they are more than happy to share. For this blog, we've tapped into their knowledge to share the must-have items for your mom for her mastectomy, starting with the most important one: her post-mastectomy bra. Let us walk you through the shopping process for the best recovery bras for mastectomies so you can find the best options for your beloved mom.


    As you prep your mom for her big day when she finally has her mastectomy surgery, one of the questions you may be wondering about is what she'll wear during her recovery. If you've been trying to figure out what bra is best for a mastectomy, we've got you covered.

    You'll want to invest in an uber-luxe post-mastectomy bra for her to wear after surgery and when she is able to transition out of her compression surgical bra. There are two important things to look for when shopping for her:

    Functionality + Accessibility: After her breast surgery, your mom's range of motion will be a bit limited. She won't be able to lift or twist her arms the ways she normally could. Look for front closing bras after surgery that she can put on and clasp with minimal effort.

    Our award-winning pocketed Front Closure Bra is not only functional, but incredibly supportive. This style was thoughtfully designed to provide comfort after a mastectomy or breast surgery and is a favorite because of its softness and versatility. This post-surgical bra with front closure is beautiful beyond surgery, and gives enough support to make this style a post-surgery front closure sports bra style too once healed. This bra will give her the ease and support she needs, while making her feel secured and pretty after diagnosis and surgery.

    One of the best things about our pocketed Front Closure Bra is that it can be used for multiple types of breast surgeries. This pocketed bra for breast cancer surgery supports after single or double mastectomy, breast reconstruction, radiation, lumpectomy, DIEP flap reconstruction and other breast procedures.


    Front closure bra


    The Front Closure Bra will keep her comfortable and stylish throughout her healing process.

    Softness:Fabric softness during recovery is EVERYTHING. After surgery, your mom's skin will be extremely sensitive. Make sure her bras are made with a silky soft material, like modal, that will comfort her skin and won't irritate her surgery scars. Feeling soft material against your skin helps you feel comforted when you need it most, like a warm hug.

    The Monica Bra is another comfortable, wireless post-mastectomy bra that's perfect for after this type of invasive breast surgery. It is our comfiest bra yet and will offer your mom full coverage comfort as she heals. This super-soft, luxurious post-mastectomy bra for breast cancer surgery has convertible and adjustable straps for a custom fit and easy dressing. The Monica has no molded cups, so it conforms to any shape once her mastectomy (and reconstruction, if she opts for it) is complete. It's also pocketed with a removable pad, so she will feel covered and confident all day long, from yoga to the office (and even in the bedroom). This comfortable post-surgical bra will be her go-to after surgery and beyond because of its barely-there feel.


    The monica bra


    The brand new Monica Bra is versatile and gives unbeatable support and comfort.

    Another post-surgical favorite is our lounge bra, The Leslie, our ultimate stretchy soft style. This post-surgery pocketed style is stretchy enough for her to step in and out of, which is extremely helpful when she has limited range of motion. The soft fabric feels incredibly comforting against post-surgical sensitive skin, and the convertible and adjustable straps which can be worn straight or crossed in back are ideal for getting a custom fit no matter what size changes she experiences. This is another pocketed bra, so it's great for accommodating expanders, breast form inserts or a breast prosthesis.

    All AnaOno wire-free and super soft recovery bras for breast surgery will help comfort your mom after her unilateral or bilateral mastectomy and are designed with her body, surgery and treatments in mind.


    As your mom recovers in the hospital and at home, she deserves a robe that is lightweight, practical and stylish all at once. The Miena Robe is dreamily soft and more luxurious than any other recovery robe out there. This post-mastectomy robe is both functional and fashionable since it comes with a Drain Management Belt. This type of added feature is the key for supporting your mother through her recovery from mastectomy. This belt will allow her an easy, discreet place to keep her drains while also feeling comforted and polished while lounging or getting ready for the day in the beautifully soft robe.

    The best part? After she is healed, she can remove the belt and wear the robe as is! Who said post-mastectomy robes can only be worn after surgery? Just like our post-mastectomy soft bra collections, our designs are crafted with care to take you through every step of the way and support you as you reclaim your confidence again.


    Throw your mom a lingerie shower to celebrate her healed F(oo)Bs. Gift her beautiful, creamy-soft bras made for her body that will make her fall in love with it all over again. The Molly Bra is as soft as a feather, wire-free, sexy and incredibly supportive. It is a post-surgical bra style that any mom would love to have. As our softest bra yet in our everyday essentials collection, this style was made to make her look her best so she can look her best, too.

    The Molly is pocketed to accommodate breast forms, prostheses or F(oo)B inserts, and the seamless front will provide a gorgeous smooth finish under any type of top or dress. With this bra featuring a deep plunging neckline, your mom can start playing around with her post-mastectomy clothing and fashion and rock any top she wants (including low-cut styles) and feel sexy doing it. This super-soft post-mastectomy T-shirt bra will soon be her favorite comfortable bra style.


    The molly bra


    The Molly Bra is the flirty confidence booster she will love once she is ready to show off her new f(oo)bs or rock her flat and fabulous body after mastectomy or breast surgery.

    If you're not sure which one of these bras she would love (or you feel a little awkward buying lingerie for Mom), we've got you covered. Simply grabbing a gift card so she can pick out her own soft wire-free bras after surgery or once she has healed is a great gesture, too!

    Your mom's breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy can be scary, confusing and overwhelming, but finding her recovery bras that make her feel like the queen she is doesn't have to be. She is lucky to have you by her side through all of this. You are amazing, and together you guys can do anything.

    And remember with AnaOno, you are never alone.
    Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree

    Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.