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    No.14: So You Hate Your Mastectomy Bra?

    We can probably all agree that the average post-mastectomy bra at a mastectomy shop is kind of…well, THE WORST.

    Finding the right bra for your body is already tough enough when you have "regular" boobs, but now that yours have been removed because of a mastectomy, or if you are in the process of reconstructing, things are even trickier, more complicated and seemingly impossible.

    In addition to being extremely technical garments, a post-mastectomy bra can be complicated in size, look, feel and overall maneuvering. And WHY do so many post mastectomy bras look like they are made for our grandmothers? No offense, Gran, but we still want to look cute, feel sexy AND be comfortable after our surgeries! Just because we had breast cancer and breast surgery doesn't mean we want an unflattering, boring bra.

    After something so life-altering (and body-altering), we need a visual reminder that we are still the same stylish, young, badass individuals we have always and will always be. It may sound crazy to some, but the way our lingerie looks and feels has a huge impact on our mood and the way we see ourselves. A bra is the first thing we put on in the morning when getting ready, and it is often the start to how we feel about our appearance for the day. If you're uncomfortable with the look and feel of your bra in the morning, you're sure to feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day. And when we may already not be feeling our best, our post-mastectomy bras shouldn't make us feel worse.

    We deserve more than just a sports bra or grandma bra after a mastectomy or breast cancer diagnosis. Our bras after surgery should be there to support and comfort us, not just physically, but emotionally too.

    If you can't stand the selection of post-mastectomy bras you've found so far, don't worry. AnaOno has you covered with the best shopping tips along with quality products you'll actually be excited to wear. See yourself as YOU again by following these steps in our mastectomy bra guide if you hate your current post-surgery bras.


    Part of the reason you might not like the mastectomy bras you already have is that the fit is off. So, get online and take the AnaOno Fit Quiz! We know finding a bra that looks good and feels great after breast surgery can be overwhelming, and that the options out there aren't always the best. We're here to make the process of finding a soft and pretty mastectomy bra easy for you while also making the shopping experience as calming and supportive. That way, you can focus on feeling your best.

    By answering a few short questions, we can help you find your best fit and size in our comfy and made-for-you post-mastectomy collection. The quiz will also give you style suggestions of what would work best for you and your surgery type. It's a quick and easy way to get personalized suggestions for stylish and affordable mastectomy bras.


    And you thought that Buzzfeed Quiz was fun? The Fit Quiz is even better! Gif via 


    You read that right! Many people who have undergone a single or double mastectomy, with or without reconstruction, don't know that insurance may cover your purchase of post-surgery bras and mastectomy bras, breast prostheses and breast forms! Say whattttt?!

    It's true-with a qualifying prescription from your doctor, you may be eligible to be covered or receive reimbursement for your mastectomy bra purchase, though the coverage varies.



    Stop stressing over your mastectomy or reconstructed bra cost, and relax by learning about our bra insurance coverage. Gif via

    Although we know a lot about lingerie and helping you feel your best, we're not experts in insurance. Our partner in insurance, SunMED Medical Solutions will help you process your coverage and claims.

    To learn more, head to our insurance FAQ page or fill out this eligibility form to see what is available to you. An insurance representative will be in touch to review your benefits and confirm how many and which AnaOno post-mastectomy bras are covered for you. Make sure to check out our store locator so you can try and buy with your coverage and feel the softness for yourself!


    Now for the really fun part. It's time to go shopping and treat yourself!

    Pick out some amazing wire-free styles that will keep you looking amazing whether you're lying in bed, recovering or going out for a night on the town!

    We suggest the Front Closure Bra for your first post-surgery style. This bra is our most popular pick for recovery since it features super-soft fabric, a wide back bridge for support, adjustable, convertible straps and pockets that fit expanders, prosthesis or lightweight breast forms. Of course, the easy-release front closure is one of the best features since it makes it easier to put your bra on with limited range of motion after a mastectomy.


    Model wearing the Jess Lace bra


    LaTonya unleashing her inner supermodel in The Jess Lace Bra.

    When you're healed, you can snag a few sexy styles for when you're ready to get your mojo back again. These lacy and feminine mastectomy bras will have you feeling confident without the discomfort.

    One of our favorites is the Gloria Bra. It's just as stunning as any fancy lingerie you wouldn't purchased pre-mastectomy, but it has thoughtfully designed features that make you more comfortable post-surgery. This wire-free, pocketed bra features sexy stretch lace along with a delicate satin bow for a fun, flirty and feminine look you'll love.



    Tap into your inner Queen B, and add the styles you are most excited about to your shopping bag. Gif via

    Top it off with the plush and functional Miena Robe to wear on top of every piece you picked out, as well as super soft, matching undies to complete your sets, and feel completely pulled together and glam while relaxing at home or getting ready for your day.


    Selfie of Cindy wearing the Miena Robe


    Cindy (@cindygwynn) feeling sassy, and looking gorgeous in The Miena Robe. Photo courtesy of Cindy Gwynn.

    We always offer free shipping in the U.S. when you spend $75 or more, and we also offer flat-rate International shipping for select countries!

    Once you've tried on your new super-soft styles at home, you can send back or exchangewhatever doesn't work for a new style or size, hassle-free, for free! Plus, our post-surgical bras are sold at various mastectomy shops and boutiques, at Soma stores and Find a store near you to try them on in person.

    We know finding a mastectomy bra that makes you feel like yourself can be tough, but we have you covered. So, lay back, relax, put on your favorite trash TV and snap a selfie in your AnaOno. You've got this.
    Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree

    Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.