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Our final day of gratitude, shouldn't stop on Day Twelve

23 Dec, 2014

Our final day of gratitude, shouldn't stop on Day Twelve

Jills Wish and AnaOno Intimates

Day 12 :  Start a Gratitude Bulletin Board 

We've used mood boards for inspiration, motivation or just cataloging fashion and DIY projects we love. Why not start a board specific to things you are grateful for? Hang it or post it somewhere you can see it everyday to keep your gratitude growing. Add photos, event tickets, gift wrap, letters, just about anything that reminds you of all the wonderful things you have experienced, accomplished or have in your life.

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Cindy Diane

March 30, 2015

Love the idea for a Gratitude board & the 12 days of gratitude. Can you post days 1 & 2 for those who want to do this too. Thanks & God bless!


March 31, 2015

Hey Cindy – this is awesome and it is so important to be gratful, for the little & big things! Our first two days are just a little deeper in the blogs – but for a quick link to see our launch of our 12 Days use

Thanks for following and would love to see how you take it forward! XO

Ramona Hertzell

June 29, 2015

i own a post-mastectomy boutique in Greensboro, NC and would like to be a dealer for your products. Would you send me information? Thanks


July 15, 2015

Dana hello
I am French and my wife had the same operation as you.
keep it up and you jump without looking, I can tell you that despite this thorn in our lives and that thorn I am more in love than ever although lingerie for woman who undergoes an operation as hard does not run the streets
I hope it will delight the women on the other side of the sea
big kisses or free hug as we say at home

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