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    Conley Recovery Romper


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    Maximize your comfort during recovery with the Conley Recovery Romper. Pair this recovery piece with our drain management belt to recover in style and stay comfortable. If you have drains from your surgery, just use the interior belt loops to attach the separate drain belt to avoid any irritation. If you don't have drains, this romper will keep you comfortable and covered while you heal.

    Made from our incredibly soft modal material, this romper avoids irritation to sensitive areas, and along with the mesh shoulders and wide armholes, keeps you feeling cool to avoid overheating and hot-flashes.  Simply step into this loungewear essential, pull up the sleeves, and tie the belt where it fits you best for a full day of worry-free comfort.

    Our beautiful and luxurious softer-than-cotton material makes this wrap-front romper soft and beautiful, but also environmentally friendly too! This is the ultimate loungewear piece for anyone who wants to look and feel their best all day long.

    At AnaOno, we have decades of industry experience, and we know the reality that is healing from surgery and other medical procedures.  We have used our knowledge and background to create comfortable and beautiful recovery clothing for anyone looking for something that will work for them. Our line is designed for those recovering from surgery or treatments, by those who have been there, and know what is wanted and needed by those who are healing.