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The MAKEMERRY Collection by AnaOno is a collaboration between Radiation Oncologist and PMG member Katie Deming, MD and AnaOno founder Dana Donofree.

The Collection is the very first line of intimate apparel uniquely designed to fit the needs of radiation therapy patients to the marketplace. It focuses on comfort, function and style in each product. Made from gentle, sustainable and durable modal, a natural, moisture-wicking textile from the beech tree, the patented camisole and bras are gentle on the body and even aid in soothing the skin irritation. What’s even better is they are made to be machine washable and get softer with each wash, eliminating the worry of caring for delicates or trying to remove skin cream from the bra or camisole.



"As a physician, I want my patients to have products that are designed for their specific needs but are not a constant reminder of the medical treatments they are undergoing. Some think medical garments are functional only and don't need to look pretty – I don't buy into that. I want my patients to feel like they are buying a beautiful bra or camisole just like they would before the diagnosis. The perfect partner for this apparel line, Dana and I are completely aligned in our vision to create pieces that make women feel beautiful while meeting their needs."

- Katie Deming, MD on why she started MAKEMERRY and its collaboration with AnaOno founder, Dana Donofree


Both products are also designed to to avoid pain points and the areas most prone to skin-reddening, burning and peeling. The camisole has deep arm openings, exterior and hidden seams and its patented shelf-bra support on the outside of the garment, rather than against the skin. The bras, a plunge and full coverage style, also offer deep arm openings with longer-line design, allowing the evenly-distributed support band and back closure to fall lower on the rib cage to avoid rubbing against the delicate area under the breast. The bra seams are covered to avoid irritation, and both garments have a forgiving fit to account for swelling and discomfort.

“It was really just a match made in heaven. We both have a deep sense of caring for others, for me as the patient and the survivor, and her as the doctor. She went the extra mile to really show this is a tough time in these women’s lives and if they can just have something that’s both comfortable and beautiful to get them through it, it can make things just a little bit easier.”

- Dana Donofree on the partnership with PMG member Dr. Katie Deming

An additional benefit to the collection is that both garments are pocketed for the use of lightweight prostheses or modesty pads and their straps are convertible for a straight or criss-cross fit.

“Radiation left me with painful bumpy ribs that every other bra out there would land on. The MAKEMERRY Collection by AnaOno Plunge Bra comes down far enough on my torso that it completely avoids that painful spot on my ribs. It's the most comfortable bra I've owned and it looks great too! It has now become my everyday, forever bra.”



We also have a special for all PMG members and their patients and clients. Use PMG20 at checkout and you, your loved ones and/or your patients will receive 20% off their entire purchase (excluding gift cards). If you know of anyone in your practice, your peer group or your personal circle, please pass along our information.


You can read all about it in the media here on Today.com or here on Bustle.com.


Our collections are made for women with one breast, two breasts, no breasts or new breasts. We dress women with unilateral and bilateral mastectomies, with or without reconstruction. We clothe women in lush RecoveryWear™ and loungewear with a unique drain management system so from the moment they step out of surgery and enter treatment, they feel comfortable, feminine and beautiful. From there, we offer patented Radiation Wear specifically designed to avoid areas of the skin that often get burned or scarred and chafe during treatment. And with a collection of post-op bras and wirefree bralettes, we are making a difference to be there with these women on every step of her journey for the rest of her life.



We offer LiveChat on our site M-F 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., EST, and we're always accessible through email (cs@anaono.com or via the letter avatar on our site) when our Chat is closed. 

"I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for the beautiful work, care and thought that goes into each piece. I loved the sweet marketing emails and the cute packaging, the bras are the most comfortable I have ever worn in my life, and I can look at myself and FEEL even better than I did pre-diagnosis. Through my journey this has helped me find a new level of appreciation for myself, and I can't stop spreading the word to other women I know. Thank you so much for having a young cancer survivor in mind and wanting to spread a little bit of joy to our lives."