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    Recovery Bra Assistance Program


    Thank you for joining our Post-Op Recovery Bra Assistance Program with AnaOno. We are grateful for you and the support you give your breast surgery patients in their time of need. Below is a recap of how the program works and FAQs for the program. If you have any questions at all, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out.  



    • AnaOno will create a unique URL / QR code specific to your practice for your patients to visit to receive their free* post-op bra. (*Free with purchase of a second bra.)
    • Flyers with your unique URL/QR are sent to your practice and replenished as needed. (contact us for more) If you would like to also receive a mannequin bust and bra sample for display, please let us know.
    • Your practice gives the flyers to patients at their pre- or post-op appointment to ensure they get what they need to prepare for an optimal recovery.
    • Patient will go to the unique URL, where they will be asked a few questions including:
      • Date of Surgery 
      • Type of Surgery 
    • AnaOno will guide the patient to which bra styles are best suited for their post-op recovery. If your practice has a preferred recovery style, please let us know as we will be sure to highlight it!
    • All patient questions regarding fit and style selection may be directed to AnaOno. Our site ( contains several avenues for support including virtual fittings, email correspondence, live chat, and phone support, as well as the option to search by body type to see models with similar surgical outcomes. 
    • Patients will be mailed their post-op bras based on their selections. They will also be provided with electronic resources that support their recovery to help ensure the BEST patient outcome possible. 



    We at AnaOno pride ourselves on supporting patients outside of their doctor’s office. By providing these flyers to your patients, we can help you get their “bra questions” answered, thus allowing you to focus on other topics during follow-up appointments. Additionally, as a team, we can help alleviate some of the unforeseen expenses that patients undergoing breast surgeries are often burdened with.  

    We hope to be an additional branch to the high level of care and service you provide so that your patients feel fully supported, understood, and receive the help they need through their path through recovery. 

    We are here to help. If you would like to schedule a lunch & learn with your staff, we would be honored to host. We want to ensure that all staff feels comfortable and able to talk to the program in order to give your patients the support they deserve.  

    Please email us at with any questions and/or when your supplies are low, and we’ll send more right away. 



    Which bras should we recommend post-surgery? 

    We have a full line of bras to bras are designed to work for anyone, but for post-surgery recovery, we suggest: 

    • Rora Front Closure – best for mastectomy with reconstruction, direct to implants, expanders, FLAP surgeries 
      • Features include front closure to aid with mobility challenges, high sides under arms for comfort, convertible straps for support, and pockets for full or partial forms 
    • Bianca Front Closure Sports Bra – best for post-op compression, FLAP surgeries, OTM implants, and lumpectomy
      • Features include easy front closure access, binding & power-mesh material for a gentle hug, racerback with adjustable straps, pockets for full or partial forms 
    • Monica Full Coverage Bra – best for all surgery types and radiation therapy 
      • Features buttery-soft, moisture-wicking modal material, full coverage, moderate compression, soft support, and easy fit 
    • Leslie Leisure Bra – best for flat closure, expanders, sleeping, and radiation 
      • Features super soft modal material gentle and protective against skin, easy to step-in-to fit, pockets for light weight forms if desired

    How does AnaOno sizing work? 

    Our sizing runs from XS/30 – 3X/42 and our bras are designed with cups that accommodate flat to DD. Whatever band size the patient currently wears should be the same for AnaOno bras. Our online fit quiz and fit experts can provide further help to patients. 

    Can a patient get more than one free bra? 

    Patients are limited to receive only one free bra through this program. 

    How can my practice learn more about this program and AnaOno? 

    If you would like to schedule a lunch & learn with your staff, we would be honored to host and ensure that all staff feels comfortable and able to talk to the program while giving the patients the support they deserve. Contact us! 

    How can patients contact AnaOno?  

    Our compassionate customer support team available via:
    phone: 866-879-1744 
    live chat: 

    Who can we contact? 

    You will have dedicated support via We encourage your support staff to reach out with any questions, to set up a training session, as well as whenever cards or samples are needed. (*Please direct your patients to our customer support team, for quick and supportive attention.)

    Thank you again for allowing us to support your patients during this critical time in their recovery. 

    Dana & the AnaOno Team