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    Bianca Full Coverage Sports Bra

    A supportive and full-coverage sports bra that allows you to forget about your bra worries and focus on your workout. The front closure gives the Bianca an easy-on, easy-off quality and adjustable straps are there to make sure you have the perfect fit. The mesh cross-back keeps you cool, comforted and supported during a high-intensity workout. This racerback sports bra gives you great support without too much compression following FLAP reconstruction surgeries, the Bianca combines style with a more supportive option. No unnecessary pressure on scars after TRAM FLAP, DIEP FLAP, LAT FLAP, or other autonomous tissue reconstruction procedures. 


    The Bianca is also pocketed for the use of your insurance coverage. Better for high impact activities such as running, biking, and hitting the gym, the Bianca will keep you supported and pain-free for the duration of the day, even after you finished your workout.