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    JaimeLee Front Closure Lace Bra

    An amazing blend of comfort and beauty, the JamieLee is a bra with gorgeous lace and a front closure clasp that fits your FLAP surgery beautifully. It has mesh-lined soft lace cups and dreamy modal material that will support and comfort your TRAM FLAP, DIEP FLAP, or other autonomous reconstructed busts. While being supportive and protective, the rich lace adds a fun and flirty element to the bra, a combination that is rare but present in the JamieLee. Supportive enough to give you the comfort needed for a unilateral reconstruction as well, supporting a natural and reconstructed breast. 

    The dual straps in the back combine sexy and support once again to ensure that fit will be easy and customizable. Pocketed for insurance coverage purposes or the use of modesty forms for a smooth appearance under clothing, the JamieLee is a sexy lace bra that will give you the support and comfort you need. Wear this underwire free bra to feel sexy under any top and lose the clothing when you’re ready to embrace your beautiful post-surgery body.