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    Post-Mastectomy Loungewear and Clothing

    Who says you can't look and feel your best as you're recovering from a mastectomy? AnaOno believes that every patient, survivor and thriver deserves to be true to themselves, and our mastectomy clothing and loungewear is designed to help you do just that.

    Every step of the way - from post-op to years after treatment - these solutions will help complement all of those much-needed relaxing moments that allow you to re-center and decompress.

    Our mastectomy loungewear has been expertly crafted with care to help ease the stress and discomfort of post-surgery recovery. Our super soft Miena Mastectomy Robe includes a built-in drain belt to help you manage fluids as you're recovering and relaxing at home. Take this robe with you from recovery, treatment and beyond. It's designed to allow you to add in extra drains to suit your specific needs or to wear without when you are done.

    Mastectomy Bras for Relaxing in Recovery

    Whether you're looking for a surgery robe with drain pockets or soft, lightweight mastectomy bras that give you comfort as you heal, AnaOno is the perfect option for you. We're well-known for our comfortable and beautiful post-surgery bras and solutions that provide support, comfort and style, so you can focus on you. Features such as pockets for breast forms and front closures make these garments ideal for those in recovery from mastectomy, but also designed for those after reconstruction, radiation, lumpectomy, other breast surgeries and more.

    AnaOno was founded by a survivor who struggled to find pretty yet functional bras and solutions during her recovery period. Now, we pride ourselves on designing and offering beautiful breast cancer and post-surgery bras and loungewear that makes you feel comfortable, confident, beautiful and like you. Be sure to check with your insurance company before purchasing, as they may cover your mastectomy bras. Our collection also makes for great gifts from caregivers for your loved ones.