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    We know that after an explant surgery it can feel tricky to find new bras that work for you body, and we are here to help! Soft and comfortable materials, paired with hidden seams to avoid any pain points or sensitive areas make our bras the most comfortbale ones that you will find. The non-molded cups make them comfortable against your breasts after surgery, whether you are flat, or just have a smaller bust.

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    Molly Plunge Bra $59.00 USD
    245 reviews
    310 reviews
    38 reviews
    167 reviews
    73 reviews
    268 reviews
    Paige Wrap Front Sports Bra from $27.50 USD $55.00 USD
    107 reviews
    Miena Robe and Rora Recovery Bundle $115.00 USD $138.00 USD
    3 reviews
    12 reviews
    Modesty Pad Set $9.00 USD
    30 reviews
    31 reviews
    29 reviews
    Gift Card from $25.00 USD
    2 reviews
    Reduce Strain with Front Closures

    Many explant experts recommend choosing bras with front closures for better comfort. Explant patients are instructed to refrain from straining the arms for a minimum of two weeks, and this period may be longer for some. Front closure bras eliminate the need to reach behind you or lift your arms over your head to put on or take off your bra. AnaOno Front Closure Bras require zero arm strain to open and close.

    Get a Soft, Customizable Fit

    Another common complaint about wearing regular bras after the explant is their overall lack of comfort. For instance, if you're used to wearing bras with wired construction, this style is bound to irritate those delicate post-op incisions by placing constant, hard pressure on sensitive areas. What you need during your recovery time is a bra made of softer material that feels silky smooth next to the skin. AnaOno explant bras are made of soft modal material that doesn't irritate sensitive incisions or swollen areas. In fact, they are so comfy, you may decide to continue wearing them long after you've fully recovered. Customize the fit by adjusting straps before putting on the bra.

    Relaxed and Comfortable Styles

    Making sure you feel as comfortable as possible as you recover from your explant is a top priority for AnaOno. That's why we give you a choice of laid-back, relaxed, and comfortable loungewear. All made with our softer-than-cotton modal material, our Conley Romper, Abby Pant, and Kara Wrap Dress are perfect pieces to keep you feeling confident and comfortable during recovery and long beyond.