Relievvr Rose Post-Op Comfort Accessory

$149 $199
Size: OS
Color: Rose

Introductory Price:The Relievvr is a state-of-the-art post-operative accessory that uses controlled vibrations to alleviate discomfort. With its user-friendly and intuitive design, individuals can customize the relief to fit their specific needs. The device is also designed to seamlessly integrate with our bras, ensuring a secure fit and consistent relief in targeted areas.

- The Relievvr has two different settings, depending on the amount of vibration your body needs

- This synergy amplifies the recovery process. Users can benefit from the therapeutic vibrations of Relievvr, while being enveloped in the comfort of our bras

- The Relievvr comes in a box that is surfaced with soft matte rubber with concealed precise magnetic closure, that feels as premium as the device itself.

- Most users feel that the Relievvr works best when it’s in close contact with the skin

- Once you remove the Relievvr its tray, you can peel off the protective backing, and stick the device near where you need it most

- Control and personalize your Relievvr experience using the Relievvr app. Available for download in the App Store for Apple and on Google Play.

- Experience the comfort of Relivver Rose and enjoy an easier, faster recovery.

What's In the Box
Your Relievvr comes a sturdy USB cable that magnetically connects to the device for rapid charging, and a user manual to help you get started. You’ll also find two tacky-back sticker swaps we designed and provided for you to replace the one that comes attached to your Relievvr.