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  • Our understanding of breast cancer has evolved over the past half century. The way post-mastectomy lingerie is sold and marketed should also change. Some products will include pockets, some not, or no cups at all. It’s time to re-define the term “post-mastectomy” to meet the lingerie and swimwear needs of all breast cancer patients.

    Redefining Mastectomy Bras to Meet Breast Cancer Patient Needs

  • The Philadelphia-based designer created a line of bras that are all wireless, yet still feminine and beautiful. All the models featured on her website are breast cancer survivors, and 10 percent of the sales of certain bra styles are donated to charities that help women with breast cancer.

    Woman Designs Lingerie to Help Breast Cancer Survivors Feel Sexy Again

  • "When you have had breast cancer, you see your [physical] scars first thing in the morning, and it's frustrating because a lot of the bras out there, women with breast cancer can't wear," Dana explains. "And it's hard to always dress over a sports bra. All women should be able to wear a pretty bra if they want to, right?"

    The Incredible Way This Lingerie Designer Is Helping Women With Breast Cancer Feel Sexy

  • “For someone who’s not in the thick of this, it’s hard to understand how a regular bra just doesn’t fit,” she added. “We have women who come in, and to be able to give them this, it makes them feel so good. It’s almost like a reward. It’s really changed a lot of lives, I think. I really do.”

    Lingerie line brings back sexy (and comfort) for breast cancer survivors