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Fit Guide

How to Find Your Perfect "AnaOno Size"

Getting the right bra to fit after breast cancer is a challenge we know all too well. The frustration, tears, pain, wasted time can add up to giving in and living braless in baggy tops or wearing the same threadbare sport bra day after day.

We've definitely been there. And now, we're here to help. You are beautiful, confident and empowered. You should feel that way naked, in your favorite dress, comfiest jeans or go-to yoga pants. And you should feel that way in a sexy, pretty, comfortable bra and panties. So, let's get started!

Sizing Guidelines

What size am I really? Have you ever asked yourself that? You walk into one store and you're a medium, but in another you're an extra-large. There are technical reasons behind it (the pattern, the fit model, the manufacturer...), but that doesn't make it less confusing (or irritating). 

AnaOno intimates, apparel and loungewear was created with dress size in mind, rather than the traditional band/cup sizing. Why? A few reasons. Breast reconstruction is not an exact science. Implants, FLAP surgeries, one natural with one reconstructed don't always measure the same from place to place (and you thought you were done with that after junior high, right?). And cc's don't always truly equal a definite cup size. I was measured as a 38E in the mastectomy shop. I am really a 36C. I am a size 12. And, I wear an AnaOno large. Go figure, right? That's why I designed the line to be closer to our body size, while keeping breast size in mind.

AnaOno Sizing Tables

This is a comprehensive general guideline on fit and measurement. If you want to be absolutely sure, grab a measuring tape and follow this chart. If you feel confident scroll down to see our sizing steps.





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