Bras for Radiation Therapy

Soft, No-Irritation Radiation Bras

When you're diagnosed, it's almost impossible to imagine the way that breast cancer will affect your life. Who knew you'd have to pitch all your old bras in favor of specialty styles that work with your treatment and changing body? AnaOno has the right breast cancer bras for every single stage of treatment and recovery, with styles featuring super-soft fabrics and brilliant features for your surgery type.

Whether you're in the market for a front-closure mastectomy bra or undergoing a lumpectomy, AnaOno has the right bra for you or the person under your care. The radiation period is an especially challenging one, with treatment causing a sunburn-like skin reaction in sensitive areas around the arm and ribcage. This collection includes the best bras after radiation treatment or a lumpectomy, with ultra-soft options that don't irritate sensitive skin and front-closing bras that are easier to put on after treatment. Our radiation-friendly front closure bras are especially ideal for post-surgery recovery and are ideal for mitigating discomfort during and beyond your treatment.

Support Bras for Mastectomy

A mastectomy is life-changing in many ways and picking out the right bra for day-to-day life after this procedure is a big part of getting back into your routine. Our soft-support mastectomy recovery bra has a pullover or step-in design with modal fabric that's even softer than cotton and a breathable mesh panel to make sure you're comfortable for whatever your day has in store. Tackle a full schedule or thrive through your workout with ease in this underwire-free bra with adjustable straps that even change from regular to cross back.

The double-layered lining and front shirring details add both comfort and style to this bra, which is best suited for A to C cups. This bra is designed with mastectomy in mind, but is also a great fit for those who've undergone reconstruction, radiation therapy, lumpectomy and other breast surgeries.