Before Surgery

1. Clear your calendar - recovery is important and healing takes time.

2. Take it easy - give your body a break, it deserves it! And remember the less you move, the faster you recover.

3. Schedule a post-surgery blow out - trust us, you deserve it!

4. Check out meal deliver services - you can tailor the selections to your personal taste and it is unnecessary stress you don't need. Let someone else worry about what's for dinner for once!

5. Get the support you need - you deserve the maximum level of comfort and support during recovery and that starts with having the right bra. Check out of our selection.

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Preparing for surgery? Our popular Miena Robe with Drain Management is an essential to help you manage your recovery beautifully and comfortably. Our silky-smooth modal, drop armholes, and detachable belt help you get through post-surgery recovery. Need to manage your drainage output, download our quick and easy form. 

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Mastectomy Must-Haves.

1.) Pillows - all of them, trust us.

2.) Front closure clothing - avoid anything that requires stretching over the head. Stick to front closure like buttons or zippers and easy step-in-and-out loungewear.

3.) Slippers - because no one actually likes those hospital socks!

4.) Drain management - not sure where to start? Check out or Miena Robe!

5.) Headbands, hats and hair ties - anything to keep that dirty hair out of your eyes because you won't be able to shower right away post surgery.

6.) The perfect bra - something easy to put on with front closure, super soft against the skin and adjustable to give you the right amount of support. We recommend our Rora Recovery Bra.

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