• We know,

    we've been there

Take care of you

1. Clear your calendar, recovery is important. You can plan some fun activities for later anyway.

2. Take it easy and give your body a break. The less you move, the faster you recover!

3. Schedule a blow-out to treat yourself – you know you deserve it.

4. Check out meal plan services. Tailor the selections to you and save yourself the stress.

5. Pick out your new bras for post-drains.

We're here to help

Are you thinking about surgery? Our Miena Robe with Drain Belt Management is an essential to help you manage drains during your recovery. A detachable drain belt holds two drains securely by your side and hides them beneath the beautiful modal fabric.

"The Miena Robe is a lifesaver. It made me feel confident that I could tuck my drains away and go out in public. And, it's so so soft!"

Click here to download our Drain Management Chart!

Mastectomy Must Haves

1. Pillows. All of them.

2. Button up and front closing clothing. Think pajama sets and oversized shirts that can make an outfit for getting out of the house.

3. Slippers for the hospital, because no one actually likes the hospital socks.

4. Drain management, our Miena Robe!

5. Headbands, hats, and anything you might be able to keep that dirty hair under control, as you won't be able to shower for a bit after surgery.

6. A go to bra for post drains, our Front Closure!