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    The (re)Issue


    We used to say O-NO to molded cups, because of annoying gapping, bubbles where nipples used to be, and painful fit. But now, we say O-YES. Our new Trish molded cup bra is for sure going to be your new favorite bra of all time. The Trish bra features a shallow bust shape that accommodates for the missing apex. There's no painful underwires or no side boning with itchy elastic. This bra was designed for those who have undergone reconstruction and who want to be able to feel comfortable and confident within their own skin! Shop the Trish Bra today and you will for sure feel a whole new type of beautiful! While also learning all about our new Trish bra, we want to introduce you to the muse behind it all, Trish. Here at AnaOno we love to use our community members as our muse for what we design.

    In 1998 The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA) was put into place as a federal law to protect a patient's right to choose breast reconstruction in connection with a mastectomy; this is now at risk as per the most recent attack on women’s healthcare and benefits as put forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

    In 2014 Lissa Sears was diagnosed with stage 2 IDC Breast Cancer but that didn't stop her from achieving all the goals she set out for herself. Sears is a successful comedian, actor, vodcast co-host of Gays of our Lives, a published author in Urban Dictionary, but most importantly one of the founders of the Flat out Love organization. The Flat Out Love organization was formed to help support people who have gone flat after having breast surgery. They are a support system for one another and plan many trips and cool events throughout the year. Their biggest event that is happening this year is the Flat Out on Flat Top in Colorado. The event is taking place on top of the flattest mountain top in the world, Grand Mesa, to represent everyone who has gone flat. This event will include The Grace Project, International Flat Day Dinner, and a Flashion Show, which is a show that will showcase different designers, one of them being AnaOno. In addition, there will also be a silent disco, a dance walk with Melly, a Flat Out Self-Love day and Lissa will also be recording her one-person show as well! 

    I sat down with Lori Bush, mother, wife, cancer survivor and co-founder of Solvasa to talk more about how cancer lead her to create Solvasa. Lori is an inspiration to all of us at AnaOno which is why I want to share her story with you, never give up because you are never alone.

    AnaOno stands with the women of Ukraine and extends our hearts to the communities of people affected by the war. We are partnering with our Ukrainian factory to bring you a special underwear collection curated by in-house brand, Memème, to fundraise for humanitarian aid.

    "Mother’s Day is a bittersweet topic in our community. 

    Growing up, I always assumed I would have children. That’s just what everyone does when they get older, right? You get married and start a family.

    However, right after college I had a rude awakening. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I immediately had a double mastectomy (taking away any chance I had of breast feeding) and then started chemo, which for a lot of cancer patients, causes us to become infertile. 

    I never thought that in my 20’s I would face such a life altering experience. 


    AnaOno and Amoena are teaming up to help you shape your way, any day. What do we mean? Both Amoena shapers and AnaOno bras are meant for those who’ve had breast surgeries – and we think they’re better together.
    Learning to love your body after a mastectomy surgery, with or without reconstruction can feel overwhelming. The scars, the pain, the discomfort, all of these challenges arise when looking to buy a mastectomy bra, and that is why, we here at AnaOno, want to make sure it is as easy as it can be to find your own beauty.
    I was living and working in Afghanistan when I received the email that I had breast cancer. I was alone in my barracks room in Kabul shocked to receive the news as I was young and healthy. I had no idea what this meant for me, my job, or my future.
    StyleEsteem Wardrobe was created by young breast cancer survivor Sonya, to give women of all hair journeys the choice of fashionable headwear. At  StyleEsteem you can shop for turbans the same way you shop for clothes, by season and occasion. From lounge wear to couture styles, each turban was created to empower you with elegance, confidence and dignity as you live your beautiful story.

    There’s a lot more to wearing bras with breast cancer than your first surgical bra. Your body and your needs will change after every procedure or treatment method. Whether that’s radiation, lumpectomy, single or double mastectomy, or even reconstruction. We want you to know that for any stage you are in we are here to help. From pocketed bras for forms to comfortable bras after reconstruction, we have the right breast cancer bras for you.

    When it comes to recovery, there is nothing more important than YOU. We know that heading into surgery can be frightening, so we’re here to help you every step of the way. Our Post Mastectomy Recovery Wear is designed with breast surgeries in mind. This collection aims to make this time as comfortable and worry-free as possible by providing you with the solutions and styles you need.