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Early Signs of Breast Cancer Early Signs of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer can present itself in a variety of ways, so where one individual may experience multiple symptoms, others may only experience one, and others still may experience no symptoms at all.
Breast Tissue Density Breast Tissue Density
According to the American Cancer Society, when a breast has less fat than it does fibrous and glandular tissue, it can be difficult to see the fibrous and glandular tissues through the mammogram’s imaging. When this is the case, the breast tissue is usually recorded as being “dense.” So, when you see the term “dense breast tissue” on a mammogram report, it means that the breast imaging isn’t as clear as it should be because the breast doesn’t have much fat.
Recovery Bras 101 Recovery Bras 101
Mastectomy bras and post-operative vests are designed to be worn anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after surgery. These products are specifically made with healing and support in mind. 
Why You Need a Pocketed Bra Why You Need a Pocketed Bra
A pocketed bra is a type bra that is designed for those who have undergone mastectomies. These specialty bras feature fabric pockets sewn on the inside of the bra cups. 
Lace Looks You'll Love for Valentine's Day Lace Looks You'll Love for Valentine's Day

It’s the month of love, and whether you’re spending it with someone special or not, there’s no better time to update your lingerie. This February, our theme is REFOUND LOVE. Though we may not always feel our best, it's time we give ourselves the self-love and attention we deserve.

The Power of Intuition and Self-Advocacy The Power of Intuition and Self-Advocacy
Gina B. the creator of The Fondle Project, an initiative to raise awareness about early detection and the importance of knowing our bodies, speaks to the power and importance of intuition and advocating for yourself and your health.