Our Story

Many things change after breast surgery. One you may not imagine is your underwear drawer. This is exactly how Founder and CEO, Dana Donofree, felt after her breast surgery. She scoured the globe just looking for a bra that fit but continued to show up braless.

That’s when she knew something had to change. Using her many years of fashion design experience, she (re)designed bras until creating one that fit her body that wasn't only comfortable, but beautiful too.

AnaOno may have been born out of necessity, but today it gives us a reason to celebrate what makes us different.

It's not just about your body – it's about your story. Maybe you’re a breast cancer patient or survivor. Maybe you’re asymmetrical or have other needs for a bra to fit your chest. You could be tired of traditional underwire bras that cause unnecessary pain and discomfort. You may just want something that makes you look and feel good. No matter who you are, no matter your story, we believe you should have a bra that fits your unique shape. AnaOno. Designed differently. Because we are. And different is beautiful.

Our Mission

We see a welcoming & elevated future where chest inclusivity is the standard, not the exception

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Designed for Comfort.

AnaOno bras are handcrafted with buttery soft modal material, wirefree designs, and soothing mesh to help soothe your scars. We believe that your comfort should never be sacrificed, which why we have devoted our time designing comfortable, beautiful bras with you in mind. In addition to our beautiful bras, we also take pride in our loungewear, to ensure that your whole waredore is as comfortable as your underwear drawer. Our Miena Robe is one of our absolute favorite loungewear items, loved for its soft silky material, while cooling and soothing your skin. The Miena Robe gives you a hug every time you wear it.

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designed for comfort by anaono, designing intimates for women who have undergone breast surgery due to breast cancer
Women Run.

Designed for women, by women. Our team is made up of knowledgable women who value you and your comfort. We seek to build a world where clinical & speciality intimates are beautifully crafted & function does not sacrifice comfort. Driven by our commitment to understanding & empowering our community, we aim to provide products that go beyond filling a need & surpass the expectations of our customers. We are eager to help you during your hardest times, and want to be more than just another clothing brand that you stumble upon. We want to be your support system, your shoulder to lean on, and most importantly we want to be a friend. Interested in joining our team? Apply below!

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The team of AnaOno intimates at New York Fashion Week Fall 2023
Produced Sustainably.

AnaOno is committed to creating beautiful, comfortable, high quality clothing that is made from sustainable sourced fibers. We want to see a sustainable future by helping to improve our social, economic and environmental well being. Not only do we dedicate ourselves on desigining comfortable mastectomy clothing, but also dedicate our time on improving the way the fashion industry is run. AnaOno intimates are made from incredibly soft modal material. Not only is this the softest fabric we could find, but it is also sustainable and eco-friendly. For every beech tree used to create our modal, we plant another in its place. We also source the softest lace, that moves and stretches with you, to keep you feeling comfortable and looking your best.

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AnaOno Sustainability statement featuring beech trees