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    Bra shopping can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Skim our FAQ to find info about the right fit and style, shipping, and ways you can get involved. Still have a question? We are happy to assist, contact us at cs@anaono.com 

    Before I Buy

    Yes! We are available to take orders over the phone Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm EST.

    No, we do not produce catalogs. But we try to be as thorough as possible on our website in the product descriptions and photos.

    We base our sizes on your band measurement and your dress size. For example, if your band is a 36, and you wear a size 10, your AnaOno size is a large. For more help, check out our fit guide!

    Absolutely! We offer gift cards at different price points. View Gift Cards.

    When you are ready to checkout, just enter your gift card code in the box that reads "Gift card or discount code."

    We accept all major debit and credit cards, just simply input your card information while checking out. We also use Shop Pay Installments, which allows you to break up your payments over a few months, with 4 interest free payments. If you are interested in using Shop Pay or want more information visit our Shop Pay Information page to learn about the program.

    Shipping, Returns, & Exchanges

    Yes! You can see our shipping options once in checkout. Apparel is not eligible for international shipping.

    There will be a processing time of 2-3 days, but orders are typically sent out within 24 hours. After that, we offer standard and priority shipping options:

    Standard Shipping - 5-7 business days
    Priority Shipping - 3-5 business days
    For international orders, expect 15 days for delivery

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on underwear (we're sure you understand why). All sale products and underwear are final sale.  If you have any questions on sizing please check out our fit guide!

    Can I even wear a bra?

    Of course you can! You will want to support the one breast and gently cover the other side. If you are interested in balancing them out, you can also add padding to one side to match your breast.

    Yes, absolutely! Your chest after reconstruction will not be perfectly flat and you may want to cover it with a soft, comfortable bra.

    So what do I wear?

    Look for bras that do not have cup definition or underwires so they sit comfortably against your skin, but give you the support needed for your natural breast. Pocketed bras will give you the option to use an insert if you feel like balancing out the other side. Shop your fit here.

    For forms: Look for bras with pockets that can hold your light-weight prosthetics for balance. Many breast form options are available, from super light-weight (and free, yah!) Knitted Knockers, to the heavier weighted prosthetics available at mastectomy stores. We recommend using your super light-weight forms in AnaOno bras to maximize comfort. Shop your collection here.

    With Reconstruction: Lucky for you, you share the same body and challenges as our founder, so the world is yours for the picking! Almost every style we develop has your body in mind. We recommend avoiding molded cups (for unwanted gapping), underwires (because they can cause you unnecessary pain), and soft materials (for those sensitive scar tissue areas). Shop your styles here.

    Without Reconstruction or Forms: We couldn’t forget about our fiercely flat ladies, now could we? You don’t need any breasts or forms to rock a sexy little bra. One with a little stretch and absolutely NO molded cups, that will lie smoothly across your chest without all that extra fabric just hanging off you. Check out your styles here.

    We know lumpectomies can be tricky, especially if you received radiation as a portion of your treatment. There may be incision pain points in the breast fold or on the rib cage. There may even be some asymmetry due to the radiation treatment, but don’t worry, we got you! Avoid molded cups and underwire, especially if your incision is causing sensitivity. Shop our recommendations here.

    Your doctor will likely put you in a (not so attractive) post-surgical bra at the time of surgery. It’s going to be far from pretty, but its only temporary. Once your drains are removed (don’t forget about our super helpful Miena robe with drain pouches), and your doctor frees you from the iron maiden (that’s what we like to call it), you will be ready for our super soft, super cozy front closure bra! It will feel like heaven once you get that surgical bra off. Be sure to ask your doctor if it is ok, we don’t want to get in the way of your healing. Shop our Mastectomy Surgery Must-Haves here.

    Once your doc gives you the thumbs up to get out of that ugly surgery bra (beat up and torn up) we recommend starting off with our super soft modal bras. These include the front closure (especially for the time when you may have decreased range of motion) as well as the rest of the modal collection made without underwire or molded cups. This will help you heal while you still have some swelling from the surgery, but keep you covered and comfortable.

    Been wearing a sports bra for years? Don’t worry, we did too…. until AnaOno. Find your sexy again, and take the leap back into enjoying lingerie shopping! If you are used to your super comfy sports bra, start slowly with our fashion sport bras, and work your way back into that sexy black lace set that gets you in and out of the bedroom.

    How can I get more involved?

    Fill out the form here and we will contact you!

    We post regularly about what we are doing and what inspires us, on social media. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

    Phone: 866-879-1744
    Email: cs@anaono.com