Pocketed Bras

Versatile, Pocketed Bras for Mastectomy and Beyond

Designed to work with prosthetics, pads and breast forms, AnaOno pocketed bras are made for flexibility, so you can feel like you throughout the entire recovery process and beyond. Whether you're having a bilateral or a unilateral mastectomy, choosing mastectomy bras with pockets helps support you the minute you reach post-op.

These bras are uniquely designed for patients, survivors and thrivers to work with breast forms, enhancers and prosthetics.

Not only do our bras help you feel like yourself, they can also aid in supporting your recovery. Our post-mastectomy front closure and pocketed bras are soft, comfortable and underwire-free for the ultimate in easy wear as you're recovering, relaxing and getting back to your regular routine. They all get the stylish comfort of AnaOno with super soft modal material for ultimate comfort and attractive finishes like lace and decorative trim. Many also match AnaOno undies so you can feel even more sexy and stylish in a set.

Pocketed Options That Make You Feel Like YOU

Not only do we have traditional, supportive pocketed bras, we also have unique options that help accommodate your personal preferences and style. From pocketed camisoles that allow you to wear your forms without a bra to super soft bralettes that add a feminine flair, AnaOno's pocketed options are all made to help you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable. Whether you are looking for balance after a single mastectomy, add volume after a double mastectomy, or just wear a nice bra, our pocketed bras are made to fit any shape and size.

It's our goal to help patients, survivors and thrivers feel gorgeous, confident and completely themselves with our specially designed recovery bras. Crafted with care, attractive and affordable AnaOno pocketed bras help you - or someone you're caring for - recover from mastectomy and through treatment, recovery and beyond. With easy returns and exchanges, we strive to guide you the whole way through without adding extra stress to your experience.