Finding Your Perfect Flat Post-Mastectomy Bra

At AnaOno, we believe that everyone deserves the satisfaction of unhooking a bra at the end of the day if that's something they desire! Our flat post-mastectomy bras are uniquely designed to accommodate flat and smaller busts after surgery, allowing you to get dressed, and move freely without discomfort or complication, even if you're still adjusting to the change.

Find a flat and fabulous bra here that meets your style, lifestyle and preferences, whether you're big on relaxing, being casual or sporting sexy undergarments. Comfortable, soft and underwire-free bras and bralettes are easy to integrate into your routine and make you feel confident and beautiful. No matter your bust size, we all deserve something beautiful.

At AnaOno, we also have swimwear designed specifically for post-mastectomy wear for those who are flat and fabulous or with smaller busts. Each one is designed to make you feel completely comfortable and confident as you swim or lounge at the beach, with brilliant features that are thoughtfully designed just for patients, thrivers and survivors, scars and all.

Comfortable and Beautiful Flat Bras

These are the best bras for flat chests, no matter your unique story. The collections of gorgeous flat and pocketed bras are made for those who've had double mastectomies, or those who have opted for smaller breasts following reconstruction. If you're adapting to your new body or helping someone else with the experience, AnaOno has a bra to help you feel confident and comfortable. Take advantage of our great sales plus easy returns and exchanges for an affordable, risk-free way to ease the stress of your post-op recovery. These comfortable and breathable bras are made for those who are living flat and fabulous!