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    Flat Closure Bras

    At AnaOno we know that after a mastectomy, you may not want reconstruction, and instead choose to rock your flat body just as it is! We have designed bras that will help you do just that! These bras are comfortable and stylish, and will lay flat against your chest to keep you comfortable all day long. Want your bras covered by insurance? These are pocketed so they remain eligible!

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    Molly Plunge Bra $59.00 USD
    244 reviews
    Paige Wrap Front Sports Bra from $27.50 USD $55.00 USD
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    Gift Card from $25.00 USD
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    Designs That Flatter You

    We help cancer survivors and explant patients feel beautiful every time they look in the mirror while wearing AnaOno bras. Our bras are designed to flatter your figure in the front, back and sides. We want you to celebrate your new body and we're here to support you every step of the way with well-crafted bras for every occasion.

    Achieve Your Best Fit

    As you heal from surgery, having a flat bra that fits properly is essential to your well-being and peace of mind. Instead of spending time forcing regular bras to fit your new body, it's much better to choose expertly crafted double mastectomy bras ahead of the procedure. We offer bras that are especially constructed to fit the post-op body. Feel free to choose any AnaOno casual style bra or pretty style with gorgeous detailing. They are all adjustable for a customized fit.

    Choice of Coverage

    The amount of coverage a flat bra provides is another concern for double mastectomy thrivers, and we've taken care of this for you by giving you choices. Some flat bra styles offer full coverage, and some give you that plunging neckline you love, making it easy to wear low-cut tops.