Strength and Courage Gift Set

$80 $100
Size: OS
Color: Clear

Source a set of natural skin care products that can help you feel beautiful inside and out. Included in this collection are products that have been tested and approved by badass cancer thrivers from all over the world. Take care of your skin and feel good from the inside out.

Take care of yourself today with our Strength and Courage gift set. It provides the physical and emotional support you need to conquer cancer tomorrow!

The gift set features 2 products with carefully chosen, superior ingredients to calm, and shield against skin irritation at critical moments. We worked closely with top cancer surgeons and oncologists to create these products that cater to the specific needs of women undergoing breast cancer treatment - as well as anyone going through cancer treatment.

We know that neuropathy can be a side effect of Cancer treatment, so we made all packaging easy-to-open with a soft touch so you can put the self back into self-care- without needing your caregivers' help to open jars and tubes.⁠

Can Be Used For
sunburn, diaper rash, sore and/or chapped nipples from breastfeeding, radiation burns, dry skin, cracked skin, lupus and eczema
Strength Benefits
Helps prepare skin for radiation, soothes pain from burning and peeling skin, treats hyperpigmentation as a result of scarring from surgery or radiation, helps with redness and cools the skin.
Courage Benefits
Treats acne breakouts as a result of chemo, treats hyperpigmentation as a result of scarring from surgery or cystic acne from chemo, soothes pain from possible nerve damage as a result of chemo.