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10 Breast Cancer Jewelry Gifts We Love

10 Breast Cancer Jewelry Gifts We Love

Dana Donofree
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10 Breast Cancer Jewelry Gifts We Love as Thrivers & Survivors

It’s estimated that more than  200,000 cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2021 alone. For the family, friends, and other loved ones who surround and support those who are diagnosed, it can be difficult to decide precisely what to say or do. Gifting a meaningful piece of jewelry may be just the right token to show that you’re thinking of your loved one while they undergo treatment.

Our favorite breast cancer jewelry gifts are brought to life by Silpada and benefit Living Beyond Breast Cancer, an organization dedicated to educating, supporting, and improving the lives of women who have been affected by this disease. Many of the options below are designed by breast cancer thrivers and survivors, including AnaOno founder Dana Donofree. Read on for our picks.

10 Breast Cancer Jewelry Pieces We Love 

Whether your loved one is battling breast cancer or they got the news that their cancer is in remission, everyone can use a little reminder that they aren’t alone on this difficult journey. And when you shop Silpada’s Living Beyond Breast Cancer collection during the month of October, 40% of proceeds will make their way to this wonderful organization. Our 10 favorites below mean that you’re sure to find something that reflects both your style and your

1. Never Alone Ring 

never alone ring

The  Never Alone Ring is a sterling silver, double row silhouette designed by AnaOno’s founder and CEO, Dana Donofree. A breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed in 2010, Donofree designed this ring to deliver a message to other breast cancer survivors: You’re never alone.

The design of the Never Alone ring consists of two bands, signifying the connection between a person and the breast cancer diagnosis they received, and the opal in the middle represents hope. On the inside of the band, there’s an inscription that reads “Never Alone,” a private reminder to the wearer that there are always people in their corner to help them and stand with them. 

2. Anchored In Love Pendant Necklace 

anchored in love necklace

Anchored In Love Pendant Necklace was designed by Jasmine Souers, co-founder of  For the Breast of Us, an online community for women of color who survived breast cancer. The organization focuses on closing the gap on racial disparities in diagnosis, treatment, and support, as well as representation among those who have survived. The sterling silver necklace features a large anchor with a breast cancer ribbon at its bail. To Souers, the anchor represents remaining true to your faith, and continuing to believe even when times become rocky. 

3. Flower Life Charm 

flower life charm


This year, you can ditch the real flowers that don’t last a week, and send your loved one a flower that’ll last a lifetime.  The Flower Life Charm features a sterling silver, stargazer lily charm that can be attached to any necklace, bracelet, or keychain. Designer Maimah Karmo envisions this piece as a symbolic extension of her organization,  Tigerlily Foundation, which provides education, awareness, and support to women of all ages who are battling breast cancer. The pendant not only ties into her educational foundation, but also signifies strength and growth to all that wear her pendant.

4. Shield and Protect Ring

shield and protect ring

Connie Curry created the  Shield and Protect Ring as a symbol of what she went through while she battled breast cancer. The center of the ring holds a beautiful oval blue lapis stone, a gem celebrated for its powerful healing properties and for protection from negative energy. Around the stone, there’s a detailed, shield-like band that surrounds the store in a unique setting. When wearing this ring, you should feel both positivity and strength during your or your loved one’s journey.

5. Circled Together Earrings 

circled together earrings

If your loved one is a Pisces queen or is simply a lover of amethyst, the Circled Together earrings are an ideal match. Jenny Burkholder, a member and blogger of the LBBC community, created these simplistic, beautiful earrings as a representation of her journey with breast cancer.

The  Circled Together Earrings represent the circle of life. Burkholder created this design to symbolize how each circle is its own individual, but overlaps with others to create strong, supportive bonds. The Circled Together earrings feature sterling silver textured hoops with amethyst stones placed throughout.

6. Find the Cure Bracelet

find the cure bracelet

Find the Cure Bracelet is a bold and beautiful statement of support that you and your loved ones can all wear. This powerful symbol can signal to your loved one diagnosed with breast cancer that you’re there for them. Featuring a silver bar engraved with “Find The Cure” flanked by pink cords adjustable with a sliding clasp, the piece of jewelry is a simple, yet not subtle, way to express your support every day for a loved one -- or advocate for yourself -- while navigating treatment.

7. You Are My Sunshine Pendant 

you are my sunshine pendant

This sterling silver, 14K gold-plated necklace embodies sunlight and happiness. Designed by Shea Kirts, the  You Are My Sunshine Pendant features a ⅝-inch circular pendant that has an engraved sunflower on the front, and “You Are My Sunshine” etched on the back. This little ray of sunshine around your neck or around the neck of a loved one can help bring brightness during the most difficult moments while navigating treatment.

8. Memento Bar Pendant Necklace

memento bar pendent necklace

The  14K Gold-Plated Momento Bar Pendant Necklace is not only super trendy now, but it’s also customizable! This necklace features a skinny rectangular bar with a round-cut zirconia accent at the very tip. This accent comes in multiple colors, including white, purple, and green. If you want to make this necklace even more personalized for your special person, add a date, initials, or even a saying to the bar pendant.

9. Sentiments Stud Earrings

sentiments stud earrings

The  Sentiments Stud Earrings are a rectangular bar sterling silver set that’s similarly customizable. Add a special date, initials, or even a short name to these earrings to bring sentimental value and great meaning to your gift. 

10. Ray of Hope Ring 

ray of hope ring

Lucia Toledo designed this gorgeous ring to portray unity and resilience after her aunt and grandmother were diagnosed with breast cancer. The  Ray of Hope Ring features an organic cut-out band to symbolize the strength it takes to “hold it together,” even during the most difficult moments. In the center of the ring, there’s a rhodochrosite stone supportive of emotional healing and symbolic of new beginnings. 

A meaningful gift can be the right way to express to a loved one that you’re thinking of them and you stand with them during this difficult time. Breast cancer jewelry is not only beautiful, but deeply meaningful, especially when the jewelry is designed by someone who’s been through diagnosis and treatment and its sales proceeds benefit those in need.

Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.