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    No.160: 20 Bra Memes That Made Us Cry From Laughing So Much

    20 Bra Memes That Made Us Cry From Laughing So Much

    We all know the feeling of an uncomfortable bra that  feels more like scaffolding than lingerie, or a bra that won’t lay flat no matter what you do. It’s a part of life -- so you might as well laugh about it. Read on for a good chuckle as you scroll through our favorite bra memes. 

    The Best Bra Memes We Can All Relate To 

    1. When your bra strap is twisted 

    Have you ever been in a meeting or class and your bra strap decides to do a full 180? You want to look cool and casual, but deep down you’re trying your best not to unhook your bra in public.

    "I pretend everything is fine but underneath my bra strap is twisted"

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    2. The supportive bra 

    Not only do bras provide physical support, but they can also offer some helpful life advice. The full support these bras offer is no joke!

    The full support bra map

    MEME LINK - Source is Pinterest

    3. Home is where the bra isn’t

    Raise your hand if this is you. As Drake would say, “sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on, that’s when you’re the prettiest.” Let’s add bra-free to that list.


    MEME LINK - Source is Buzzfeed

    4. The best bra for your body 

    Now, this is a bra I could get behind. Who dictated that women need to wear a bra in public anyway? 

    "As far as i'm concerned the best bra is a sweatshirt"

    MEME LINK - Source is Pinterest 

    5. The only reason to wear a bra 

    No pockets? No problem! Bras were made to stash your lipstick, car keys, money, phone - you name it! 

    Clipart of a bra stuffed with makeup and phone

    MEME LINK - Source is Buzzfeed

    6. Unemployment as an upside

    The struggle to find a new job isreal,but at least you don’t need to wear a bra while going through it.

    Jess from new girl "My boobs are loving this unemployment thing, they don't have to go to boob jail everyday"

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    7. When your bra is an absorbent towel

    Boob sweat: It’s real, it’s annoying, and you just can’t seem to run away from it. At least your bra can keep that sweat from going… other places.

    bras absorb under boob sweat

    MEME LINK - source is BoredPanda

    8. When you’re hoping to find a bra that fits 

    Every time we shop for a new bra, we’re hopeful we're finally going to find one that has a cute design and fits like a glove. Yet, we all know the feeling of ending up with nothing. 

    going bra shopping

    MEME LINK - source is Buzzfeed

    9. When you take your bra off with your shirt on 

    Women truly run the world. Once you figure out how to take your bra off with your shirt on, you can truly accomplish anything.


    MEME LINK - source is Bra Di Da

    10. When your breasts are uneven

    This is for everyone who isn’t, well, perfectly symmetrical. We need more bra companies to offer bras that mold into our breasts, not the other way around!

    busty girl problems

    MEME LINK - source is McKenzie Rasbury/

    11. When no perfectly fitted bra exists 

    Too tight, too loose, too big, too small -- why is our laundry list of bra musts this long?

    new bra friends

    MEME LINK - source is Pinterest

    12. When you try to take off your sports bra 

    Once you put on your sports bra, be prepared for the workout you’re about to do just to take it off. Set aside 30 minutes, it might take a while.

    things that are hard to get out of, work, jury duty and sports bras

    MEME LINK - source is Pinterest

    13. When a push-up bra is an empty promise

    Looking for a little more oomph? A push-up bra isn’t always the answer, as this meme attests to.


    MEME LINK - source is BoredPanda

    14. When finding a bra is like finding a best friend 

    Although it is very hard to find a best friendanda bra, it’s true for both that you’ll never want to let go of the perfect one.

    A friend is like a good bra

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    15. When an A cup could swap in for a training bra

    At least bra shopping is easier when you have small breasts! 

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    16. When you finally get your sports bra on `

    Sports bras are tight! Sure they hold your boobs in, but do you really need to be uncomfortable the entire time?

    Meme about getting boobs into a sports bra, she had to wrestle with two cantaloupes

    MEME LINK - source is Buzzfeed

    17. When the end of the day hits 

    The feeling of freedom when you take your bra off at the end of the day is similar to finishing a marathon. (Although when you find an AnaOno bra you truly love, you won’t want to rip it off when 5 p.m. hits!)

    The face you get to make when you can finally take your bra off

    MEME LINK - source is Pinterest

    18. When bras feel more like prison 

    Bras and jail cells have a little more in common than you care to admit. They’re both restrictive, uncomfortable, and take away your freedom -- well, at least if you’re wearing the wrong size.

    Feels like your boobs are in jail while wearing a bra

    MEME LINK - source is BoredPanda

    19. When each bra has a nickname 

    Let’s be real here: We all have a favorite bra that has been worn time and again until it reaches a point where it’s practically disintegrating. What about the bra sitting at the bottom of your drawer?

    bra nicknames

    MEME LINK - source is BoredPanda

    20. When your wife sizes up to T-cups

    A good ole’ dad joke. You have to admit, you laughed. 


    MEME LINK - source is

    Keep Laughing With More Bra Memes And Boob Memes

    Whether you wear an A cup, D cup, or something else, the bra experience is universal -- and universally hilarious at times. Luckily for you, there are plenty more bra memes where that came from! Head over to our roundup of our favorite boob memes for some more good laughs.

    Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree

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