4 Things To Look For In A Breast Surgery Recovery Bra

September 13, 2019

4 Things To Look For In A Breast Surgery Recovery Bra

Figuring out what kind of bra you should invest your hard earned money in after your mastectomy can sometimes feel like the huge obstacle in feeling like yourself again. If you're frustrated or confused about what you should be looking for in a post-mastectomy recovery bra, we can help you! Follow along for the key identifiers to look for while shopping for the perfect post-mastectomy bralette. 

1. Softness

It may sound like a no-brainer, but a great mastectomy bra made of super soft material can promote your healing. Why? Because they will make you and your foobs as comfortable as possible. After multiple surgeries, brutal treatments and constant poking and prodding by doctors, your skin may be extremely sensitive. Whether you need relief due to surgical incisions, nerve pain, painful scar tissue or radiation burns, the fabric of your bra will make or break whether or not it will realistically work for your needs. All AnaOno recovery bras are made from super-soft modal fabric. Modal is an incredibly luxurious cool-to-the-touch fabric that is 50% more absorbent than cotton and feels remarkably similar in texture to silk. It is extremely breathable, allowing your body plenty of aeration while you are healing from surgery. 


The Leslie looks (and feels) like a cloud! 

While most of our recovery bras are made of modal, an all-time favorite is The Leslie Bra. Tried and true, this super soft recovery bralette is stretchy enough to step into after surgery, making getting dressed a breeze. The mesh panels add extra breathability and style while the pockets allow room for expanders, lightweight prosthesis or AnaOno F(oo)B™ Breast Form Insert. It is the perfect healing companion no matter what surgery you’ve had: mastectomy, lumpectomy, exchange, explant or DIEP Flap. 


2. Functionality

The perfect mastectomy bra shouldn't just function as a bra - it should function as a healing tool that makes your post-surgical life as easy as possible. You will need a bra that ensures getting dressed and changing is as easy as humanly possible. Front closing hooks are non-negotiable after your surgery. Your range of motion will be highly restricted so you’ll want something that requires minimal reach and effort to hook and unhook. InStyle picked our Front Closure Bra for a reason! This style is not only gentle on newly operated foobs, but also makes post-surgical mobility less of an issue. The practicality doesn’t stop there. This style is also made with wide straps that provide additional comfort and won’t dig into your shoulders during those long days of healing. These features not only provide lots of comfort, they will make your life during healing easier too! 


The award-winning, Rora Bra was voted 'Best Bra For Mastectomy' by InStyle Magazine. 

3. Support

After your breast surgery, your foobs need a different kind of support. You won’t need push up bras anymore, but instead will need a wirefree bra to support your foobs in a gentle, non-invasive way. When shopping, look for wireless bras that don’t have any unnecessary additional structure. No more miracle bras, no more lift and separate styles. Instead, look for non-foam cups that are wire-free. The more structure a bra has, the more you have to force your body into a shape it no longer has. It may not feel uncomfortable at the beginning of the day, but by the end of the day, you will be really ready to rip that thing off! 

If you’ve had reconstruction or DIEP Flap, your foobs will love Monica. This super soft, full coverage, wirefree bra is constructed with plush modal fabric and features molded cups that provide shape and symmetry if you’ve undergone a lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstruction, DIEP Flap, explant or exchange surgery. No matter what kind of surgery, treatment or chronic pain you are experiencing, Monica will keep you your most comfy. 

"I had a bilateral lumpectomy and will be undergoing radiation and [the Monica] was the only bra that I could put on after my surgery that was soft and comfortable." -Marnie S. 

It is may be emotional to mourn the end of your underwire days at first, but our styles are supportive enough for both your foobs AND your feelings. The Monica will give you the confidence boost you need post-surgery by empowering you to feel your best.

4. Thoughtful Design Details 

As mentioned above, one of the hardest parts about giving up traditional underwire bras for many is the “sexy factor.” The traditional underwire bra is known for providing the va-va-voom element that make sexy lingerie, well, SEXY.  Want to know the good news? You don’t have to sacrifice that super-sexy look!

AnaOno bras like Gloria were designed to help you feel your sexiest. Pretty Bralettes are nice, but what sets a great wirefree bra apart is the attention to detail in the construction. This sensual wireless bra was designed with intricate seams that were mindfully placed to mimic those of an underwire bra, all while not irritating your sensitive surgical sites or areas most impacted by radiation treatment. The sumptuous lace and silk details are the cherries on top of this sexy, post-mastectomy cake! 

Melissa Berry of Cancer Fashionista shows us just how sexy post-mastectomy can be in The Gloria Bra. Photo courtesy of Melissa Berry (@cancerfashionista)

Wondering what bras will be best for your surgical type? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too: 

Best Bras for Double Mastectomy with Reconstruction: The Gloria Bra was made to show off your new body and is designed with silky smooth mesh lining to ease any sensitive skin areas. For cozier moods, The Front Closure is your new favorite cuddle buddy bralette. 

Best Bras for DIEP Flap Reconstruction: The Monica Bra loves reconstructed foobs! Super soft, full coverage modal will keep you cozy, supported and feeling your best. 

Best Bras for Unilateral Mastectomy: The Molly is feminine, flexible and built to support your natural breast and non-reconstructed side in perfect harmony! This dreamy style comes pocketed for the days you want to rock your F(oo)B™ Breast Form Insert

Best Bras for Flat chests or Best Bras for No Reconstruction: The Leslie Bra is our flat-favorite bra! This chic, luxe design will feel dream soft against your skin. Like rocking the occasional breast insert? You’re in luck, because this style comes pocketed! 

Best Bras after a Lumpectomy: Not all lingerie comes in the form of a bra, because the Wirefree Wrap Front Camisole is the ultimate day-to-night lingerie piece. This versatile cami is polished enough to wear to work as a blouse, but sexy enough to rock bare-shouldered at the bar too! 

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