How Many Post-Mastectomy Bras Do I Need?

July 08, 2019

How Many Post-Mastectomy Bras Do I Need?

Knowing how many bras you need after your single or double mastectomy can feel just as puzzling as knowing what bras to get in the first place. There are so many stages to surgery, recovery, treatment (and beyond!) that we need bras for. While some women in the community prefer to keep it to stocking up on the basics, others like to go all out, with a fully stocked arsenal of post-surgery bras ready for any and every occasion.

For some, wearing a post-mastectomy bra after they healed is something they only wear on special occasions, something one only wears so they have a pocketed bra to put their breast form in, while others prefer the comfort, support and ritual of wearing one  every single day. No matter which category you fall in, we are here to help you navigate the question: “how many post-mastectomy bras do I need?”

Bras To Heal From Breast Surgery In

After you are able to (finally!) say goodbye to your doctor-prescribed compression bra after your mastectomy or breast surgery, you will still need something comfortable, and accessible to wear while your surgical sites heal and while you may have less mobility. Enter The Front Closure Bra. This style is the ultimate solution to post-surgical dressing, and will have you feeling super snug while you heal. Wondering why it’s so perfect and voted Best Post-Mastectomy Bra by Instyle Magazine? Learn more about it here! (Hint: it’s wirefree, soft, stylish, and an everyday wirefree must-have for ultimate comfort!)

Healing after surgery will require patience, time and approximately 3-5 bras to make it through the duration of the journey, depending on your surgery and the wear and tear of your bra. While multiples of the same style bra might seem  overdone, just remember: you will have a limited range of motion, and won’t be able to wear different styles throughout the course. Sticking to a post-surgery bra that has front closing clasps will be your ticket into staying comfortable without straining yourself along the way. You will want a fresh bra every couple of days, and by having many versatile Front Closures, your caregiver will not have to wash them as frequently.

The Front Closure Bra comes in three different colors that will allow you to change your style and your vibe while feeling fresh and supported through recovery. What’s better, these wirefree post-surgery front closure bras for breast cancer surgery recovery are beautiful beyond surgery and will become your everyday staples in your lingerie drawer post-recovery.

Supportive Bras For When You Gain Movement Back After Breast Surgery

You’re at the point in your healing process where you can finally get up and move around the house, and even SHOWER! Woo-hoo!

Now that you have more movement, you can transition into a different style bra.

The Leslie Bra is another great o easily after mastectomy or breast surgery, and soft enough to comfort your sensitive post-surgical areas. Once you have more movement, you can easily pullover and wear as your leisure lounge bra or for a light movement workout. Another option is the Wirefree Wrap Front Cami. A soft, supple, creamy cami that can add a feminine touch into your healing bra line-up, and is a comfortable alternative to your post-surgery bra.

AnaOno offers many wirefree post-mastectomy bra options that can work immediately post-surgery for breast cancer patients, and be worn through recovery, treatment, and years after for survivors and thrivers looking for comfortable and wirefree options that fit their unique style and bodies.  Our softest bras yet, a pocketed plunge bra and a supportive full-coverage post-mactectomy style, are two everyday essentials for after breast surgery you’ll want to add to your lingerie drawer.

We recommend getting at least one of each, or two of one single style that fits you best or your preference. You can introduce these easily into your rotation of Front Closures to add new life and style into your post-mastectomy fashion.

Mix it up between The Leslie BraThe Front Closure and The Wrap Front Wirefree Cami while you’re healing, and save for your comfy days (which should be every day!) post-recovery.

By now you will have enough bras to wear throughout the course of your healing to stay fresh and you will feel your best in these super soft made-for-you post-surgery styles while simultaneously not having to do TOO much laundry!

Bras To Wear When You Want To Be Sexy and Reclaim Your Boobs Post-Surgery

The moment you have waited for has finally arrived: your surgeries are complete, your body is healed and you are ready to get back in the game!

Treat yourself for reaching this milestone and reclaim your body and breasts by indulging in approximately three new wirefree styles for your post-surgery body that’s not only comfortable, but shows your femininity too. Indulge in supple lace, sexy mesh and flirty feminine embellishments that make your new body look and feel AMAZING. Want more of a sexy feel? Experiment with different bras that will revamp your confidence in and out of the bedroom. 

Makenzie Alleman (@makenziealleman) sexy back in The Gloria Bra. Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Allemen.

When it comes to bra shopping after breast cancer or breast surgery, just remember to ultimately do what you feel is right for YOU. This is YOUR body and you get to decide what you want to wear, what makes you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. At AnaOno, we know our breasts do not define us or the way we feel about ourselves. We are more than our boobs, so do what makes YOU feel confident and sexy. And hey, if that’s a lacey bra, we say do that too.

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