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How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

Dana Donofree
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Ask your friends or do a Google search of “how often should I wash my bra,” and you’re guaranteed to get a wide array of answers. Some will tell you that you should be washing them after every wear, while others will say every few weeks, and some may say once a month. Which answer is the right answer?

How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

The truth is that how often you wash your bra depends on several different factors, including:

  • How many bras you have in your rotation
  • The type of climate you live in
  • What you are doing while you wear your bra

It basically comes down to personal preference and your own judgement. If your bra looks dirty and has a funky smell, it’s probably time to throw it in the wash. After wearing a sports bra to workout in, it’s a good idea to wash it. The same can be said if you live in a hot climate. If you sweat a lot in your bra, then washing it after wear is in your best interest.


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How to Properly Wash a Bra

Once you have decided that it’s time to wash your bra, you need to make sure you wash it correctly. Checking the tag and looking for bra washing instructions will let you know how to take care of your undergarments.

Most bras will probably tell you that they should be handwashed only. This ensures that they don’t get stretched out when being agitated in the washing machine. If you have a lot of time on your hands, then you always have the opportunity to take on this handwashing task.

However, if you’re like most people, this isn’t something you look forward to. If you’ve just had a mastectomy lumpectomy, reconstruction or a chemo treatment, standing over the sink to wash your bras is out of the question. You need them cleaned as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s when using a bra wash bag is beneficial.

Does the Detergent Matter?

Depending on how sensitive your skin is after surgery or other treatments, you might consider using a detergent that is free from dyes and perfumes. This could help prevent your skin from breaking out or being irritated by the cleaning chemicals.

After your bra has gone through the wash cycle, it’s recommended that you place it flat on a towel to dry. This process can be used for both sports bras and your fancier lace bras.

The importance of keeping your bras clean during recovery 

Keeping your recovery bras clean is crucial during the recovery process to lessen the chance of getting a post-op infection. Simply hand washing the bras in the sink with some delicate detergent will do the trick.

Using a Bra Bag

By placing your lingerie in a bra net for washing, you’ll be able to throw them into the washing machine with the rest of your dirty clothes. The bag will keep the bras from getting stretched out and wrapped around other articles of clothing. Even in a bag, it’s still advised to wash your bras on the gentle cycle, using cool or cold water, and use a chlorine-free detergent. Check out our laundry bag featuring a super fun print!

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More Bras Could Mean Less Washing

Determining when to wash your bra isn’t as easy as it may seem. If washed too often, this will break down the elastic, which will make your bra less supportive. At the same time, it’s also against your body where it’s exposed to sweat. This can lead to stains and odors developing on your bra.

You’ll have to determine how often to wash your bras based on where you live and the activities you participate in. Should you decide to do it less frequently, then having several bras in your rotation works to your benefit.

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Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

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