Intimacy after Breast Cancer

September 12, 2017 1 Comment

Intimacy after Breast Cancer

Our goal is always to make you feel sexy, confident, and comfortable. For some of us, sex isn’t what it was before cancer. We can help you look  your best, but if you need more than lingerie, that’s when we get help from our friends/experts who understand.

AnaOno has touched on the topic of sex after breast cancer a few times within our community, so we wanted tie everything together in one place. Have your way with this information; the safe word is "peaches". 


Wait! What Happened to Me and Sex?

"As a longtime sex educator and breast cancer survivor, my path gives me the great gift of talking with many women about their sex lives before, during and after cancer diagnosis and treatment.  I hear some stories of inspiration and hope, and many more of frustration and pain."

Check out guest Post by Barbara Musser, Founder of Sexy After Cancer and a 27-year breast cancer survivor. See more about her at


The Truth About Sex After Cancer 

By Wisdo

Shay Sharpe, of Shay Sharpes Pink Wishes, and one of the beautiful ladies of NYFW 2017, Shay Sharpe is a two-time survivor of breast cancer. She sat down and talked with Wisdo about what it’s like, and how she felt about sex after cancer.


Sex and body image after cancer

By Wisdo

Sexual health is a part of your life before and after cancer. Being a young survivor, it has a big impact on our lives. When your grandma gets diagnosed with breast cancer at 75 years old, (I don't know how sexually active you are at 75) maybe these issues don't pop up. But we are young, and we these issues just aren’t being talked about enough by our doctors.


Sexuality After Breast Cancer

Dana Donofree and Alison Hinch talk with Dr. Timaree Schmit about the impact of breast cancer treatment on sexuality. A diagnosis of breast cancer means many things; while almost all facets of life can be affected by breast cancer, sexuality is the one that doctors are least comfortable discussing with patients. It’s often only through the sisterhood of those who have experienced our reality that many women are able to find information, advice, and support.


Dilation, Vibration, Lubrication...Oh My

Cancer Grad

Once upon a time on a #WisdomWednesday, Aniela from Cancer Grad, who also walk in NYFW gave us some great tips. She shares all of the lessons she learned with a splash of humor and a whole lot of honesty.


Beauty Staples

While the aftermath of chemo and radiation therapy don’t always have us looking or feeling our best, sometimes we all just need a little help from our friends.  In a Guest Post by Anna Crollman of  "My Cancer Chic" she gives us some great tips on looking your best during the summer, and using products that are safe for us while still being effective.


The Day Cancer Gave Me Permission to Try, Try Again

Sometimes we just need a little hope, like a love story that seems impossible even to the people in it. When Jenna Felder's  wrote her guest post we got just that. Sometime you just need to give yourself permission to try again.


YWI presents Love, Sex and Relationships: Body Acceptance After Diagnosis

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Having positive body image is hard enough in today’s world, but a breast cancer diagnosis can make it even harder. Presented by our Young Women’s Initiative, this program explored the way young women cope with body image changes after diagnosis and breast cancer’s impact on self-esteem, emotional and sexual health, and dating and relationships.


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Susan Jackson
Susan Jackson

September 14, 2017

Hi, I really enjoyed the frankness and the easy of the video that I just watch. I have never spoke to my husband about this and don’t feel comfortable about talking about my lack of sex drive to my doctor either. It’s just something that I was not brought up to discussed here in the bible belt. I’m 51 and it hurts to have sex, and I did enjoy it before my cancer plus I also don’t feel sexy because I don’t have my breast anymore. But Aniela from Cancer Grad video, I JUST LOVED. They made me feel a little more comfortable and I would love to know more about the products that they were talking about. I don’t live in New York (wish I did) because you all are so much more open about speaking about these things that here in the bible belt. Is there a way that I can find out more and a way that I might be able to give this information to the cancer center that I had my treatments at. I know there are more people like me that are afraid to bring this up to our doctors.

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