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    Mastectomy Bras

    AnaOno's line of mastectomy bras are pocketed to fit your lightweight breast froms and keep you feeling comfortable and looking great after you have had a double mastectomy without reconstruction. Whether you want to wear your bras with or without forms, AnaOno's non-molded cups will be sure to keep you comfortable, while the super-soft modal and comfortable stretch lace help you to feel your best!

    Unsure of your size? Take our easy 3 question Fit Quiz to find your AnaOno size!

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    Looking for a bra after mastectomy can be overwhelming, triggering, and most of all frustrating! Don’t worry. I’ve been there, and felt that. I only wanted to feel comfortable, beautiful, and like myself after losing my breasts to breast cancer, I couldn’t do that with traditional mastectomy bras available on the market, and that is why I designed better, more beautiful, and more comfortable bras after mastectomy surgery. I hope you find what you are looking for, something beautiful (and dare I even say sexy), in our mastectomy bra collection. We know not all chests and choices are easy after breast surgery, so we wanted to be sure you saw how our unique post-surgery bras fit on mastectomy chests, that are pocketed for breast forms and breasts prosthetics, and even our F(oo)b™. We are proud to say that our customers are our models, and our community our muse. Enjoy your scroll while celebrating your beautiful body and chest and finding your next favorite AnaOno to get you through your day comfortable and empowered.

    XO – Dana, Founder & Survivor



    Your boobs are different after surgery, so why would the way you shop for a bra be the same? Gone are the days of using a tape measure to figure out what band and cup size you are. At AnaOno, we use a cupless fitting system called Alpha Sizing. Our bras are sized from XS through 3X. Use this chart to f igure out your ideal size

    • A N A O N O S I Z E
    • XS
    • S
    • M
    • l
    • XL
    • XX
    • 3X
    • B A N D & C U P
    • 30 A/B - 32A
    • 30 D/DD - 32A/B/C
    • 32 D/DD - 34 A/B/C
    • 34 D/DD - 36 A/B/C
    • 36 D/DD - 38 A/B/C
    • 38 D/DD - 40 A/B/C
    • 40 D/DD - 42 A/B/C
    • D R E S S S I Z E
    • 0 - 2
    • 2 - 4
    • 6 - 8
    • 10 - 12
    • 14 - 16
    • 18
    • 20


    AnaOno bras are specially designed to fit post-surgery bodies in sizes from XS to 3X. Our soft, wire free, non-molded cups lay flat post-mastectomy for those who choose not to reconstruct. They also stretch to fit expanders, reconstructed, or natural breasts, and have pockets for modesty pads or lightweight prostheses. We talk to our customers every day and find that these three questions help guide them to the size that is right for them:




    Feel Comfortable, Sexy, and Beautiful with AnaOno Mastectomy Bras

    We get it - Having one or no breasts after a double mastectomy is a huge adjustment. We want to make that adjustment a little easier by giving you options for bras that make you feel comfortable, sexy, and beautiful. Our mastectomy bras are:

    • Pocketed bras that fit your breast forms or prosthesis (and are eligible for insurance coverage!)
    • Underwire-free
    • Made with extra-soft material to be gentle on sensitive areas and scarring
    • Made with hidden seams to avoid discomfort
    • Great for use with or without breast forms

    Our double mastectomy bras have non-molded cups, helping you feel confident and comfortable every day with our ultra-lightweight breast form inserts.

    We know it’s a huge adjustment to have one or no breasts after a single or double mastectomy. We want to make that adjustment a little easier by giving you options for bras that make you feel comfortable and just as sexy and beautiful as you are. We have pocketed bras that fit your breast forms or prosthesis and unpocketed bras for those who just rock what’s there (or not there). Everything is underwire-free, has no side seams, and is made of extra-soft material to be gentle on sensitive areas and scarring.

    Mastectomy Bras: Frequently Asked Questions

    I had a double mastectomy with no reconstruction. Can I wear a bra with no breasts?

    Yes, absolutely! Your chest after mastectomy might not be perfectly flat, so you might want to cover it with a soft, comfortable bra from our mastectomy bra collection. Our double mastectomy bras are designed especially for YOU. These bras are all about helping you to feel even more beautiful and confident, while also being comfortable. Our mastectomy collection also gives you the perfect fit for those intimate moments in your life.

    One of the things that make our double mastectomy bras so great is they are pocketed. Our pocketed bra features celebrate feminine details and can hold breast forms, which are ultra-lightweight and soft as silk.

    Can your pocketed bras add volume to my appearance after a double mastectomy?

    Our pocketed bras give you the option to wear breast forms to add that extra boost you might want. We have pocketed bras to fit all aspects of your personality - they come in the form of sports bras for activewear to wire-free leisure bras and sexy options for intimate moments. Regardless of what style you are looking for, we have the perfect bra for you.

    Which bra do I wear if I had a double mastectomy and want to use forms?

    If you are looking for a soft, comfortable bra with plenty of support, we recommend trying the Monica Mastectomy Full Coverage Bra.

    If you want a lacy style with elegant details for more intimate moments, try the Gloria Pocketed Mastectomy Bralette.

    When shopping for a double mastectomy bra, look for bras with a bra pocket that can hold your lightweight prosthetics for balance. We recommend using your super light-weight forms in AnaOno mastectomy bras to maximize comfort and achieve a natural look. Other breast form options are available including the super light-weight (and free, yah!) Knitted Knockers, to the heavier weighted prosthetics available at mastectomy stores.

    I’ve had both a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Which bra is best for me?

    You share the same body and challenges as our founder, so the world is yours for the picking when it comes to finding the perfect bra! Almost every style we develop has your body in mind. We recommend avoiding molded cups (for unwanted gapping), underwires (because they can cause you unnecessary pain), and soft materials (for those sensitive scar tissue areas). Shop your styles here.

    I’ve had a double mastectomy, but I am not having reconstruction surgery or using forms. Is there a bra for me?

    Of course! We couldn’t forget about our fiercely flat ladies, now could we? You don’t need any breasts or forms to rock sexy mastectomy bras. Choose a bra with a little stretch and absolutely NO molded cups that will lie smoothly across your chest without all that extra fabric just hanging off you. Check out your styles here.

    Which bra do I wear if I am about to have surgery?

    Your doctor will likely put you in one of those (not so attractive) post surgical bras at the time of surgery. It’s going to be far from pretty, but it's only temporary. Once your drains are removed (don’t forget about our super helpful Miena robe with drain belts), and your doctor frees you from your surgical bra and bandages (trust us, that is a good day!), you will be ready for our super soft, super cozy front closure bra! It will feel like heaven once you get that surgical bra off.

    Just be sure to ask your doctor if it is ok, we don’t want to get in the way of your healing process. Shop our Mastectomy Surgery Must-Haves here.