Meet #TheDangerousOnes

February 08, 2018 1 Comment

Meet #TheDangerousOnes

The Dangerous ONES are a group of ONES.
The ONE out of 8 women who will develop invasive breast cancer.
The ONE out of 3 that may develop metastatic breast cancer.
Many of them never thought they would be the ONE.
Some of them have taken measures to prevent being ONE.
Nevertheless they are the ONES who have chosen to be different.
And Different is Dangerous.
Dangerously decisive.
Dangerously determined.
Dangerously defiant.
They are ready to shine a light on the shadows the breast cancer casts, and stop ONE person every minute from losing their life to metastatic disease. 
Because they are more than their cancer.
They are the Dangerous ONES.

Allyson Lynch

IG: horror_cosmic

Allyson Lynch is proving to herself and to those around her that cancer does not stop her from working towards her goals and setting new ones. Nothing is slowing down her ambitions and that includes feeling like the badass she is, walking down a runway.


Angeles Almuna

IG: angelesalmuna

TW: angelesalmuna

Angeles is a founder of Angeles Almuna Design, and is a photographer, fashion stylist and accessory designer currently based in Miami Beach. Her work has appeared online in Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Refinery 29 and Scoop NYC. She is a freelance photographer, who has been working with Billy Farrell Agency, Metrovelvet and collaborated with different online websites related fashion and photography.


Anna Crollman

IG: mycancerchic

TW: mycancerchic

Anna Crollman is a breast cancer advocate and the founder of My Cancer Chic - a resource to support and inspire young women facing cancer to thrive with strength, self-confidence and style. Diagnosed at age 27 with Stage IIB Triple Positive Breast Cancer, Anna is redefining what it means to survive and thrive through cancer and beyond.


Bianca Muñiz

IG: Bperformer

TW: BiancaCurly

Bianca Muñiz is a 23 year old singer/songwriter/pianist. She uses music as her medium to share her stories and emotions throughout her life. Bianca was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 11. Now facing breast cancer, Bianca underwent a double mastectomy in 2016 and continues to inspire through music and her life.


Brittney Beadle

IG: Brittneybeadle

Proof that breast cancer is not age discriminatory, Brittney got her diagnosis just months after she turned 18, and had her mastectomy on the
day of her senior prom. Brittney’s M.O. is all about doing what she wants right now, rather than saying “someday I will...” She is absolutely in love with life and looks at every day as a gift. She’s very grateful for all the small things such as just getting to look up at the moon at night.


Candice Smith

IG: Npccandice

TW: Npccsmith

Candice Smith is a self-proclaimed gym unicorn (or rat, to be honest). Obsessed with health, fitness and dance. She was diagnosed with DCIS in her left breast in 2015 and later had a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. She wants to let others know that matter how young, healthy they are, they could still get cancer.


Chiara D'Agostino

IG: beautythroughthebeast

TW: CancerBTTB

Chiara D’Agostino has been living with stage 4 breast cancer since 2016. After losing her bust, she now proudly stands confident in her own skin. This former high school teacher is now a blogger/model/advocate. In spite of her struggles with cancer, Chiara keeps moving forward and fighting on., inspiring others along the way.


Emily McLaughlin 

IG: mrsnipples

Emily McLaughlin, MD, FACS is a Plastic Surgeon in Fort Worth, Texas, and founder of West Magnolia Plastic Surgery. A routine part of her surgical practice is breast cancer reconstruction. When the surgeon gets breast cancer, a big shake up follows: based on her experience as a patient rather than the surgeon, she founded a non-profit, Fighting Right, and raised over $200,000 for local cancer charities. 


Ericka Hart

IG: ihartericka 

TW: ihartericka

Ericka Hart is a celebrated activist, writer, speaker and sexuality educator with a Master’s of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University. Ericka’s voice, erudite and rooted in cutting edge thought leadership around human sexual expression as inextricable to overall human health and its intersections with race, gender, chronic illness and disability, remains both radical and relatable, pushing well beyond the threshold of sex positivity.


Genevive Billingsley

IG: ms.candy.apples

TW: Ms_CandyApples

Diagnosed shortly after her 26th birthday, Genevieve has since dedicated herself to advocating for patient rights. She is the first burlesque performer to continue performing after having bilateral mastectomies, reconstruction, treatments, and lymphedema. Genevive is outspoken and unashamed of her body, using it and her voice, to fight for all bodies and genders when being faced with this disease.


Jamie Kastelic

IG: Spero_hope_llc

Jamie Kastelic is a proud wife and mother from Michigan. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 33 years old, and has since had a bilateral mastectomy, failed breast reconstruction, chemotherapy, etc. She founded Spero-hope, LLC, an all natural personal hygiene company, specializing in deodorants and body butter. She is a Ford Warrior in Pink and a public speaker.


 Jen Reynolds

IG: jendoll5 

TW: jendoll5

Jen’s diagnosis at age 33 was difficult for her to accept, but she quickly turned around and took control of her situation. After her treatment ended, she wanted to help other women to feel fearless in the face of diagnosis. This led to her and her friend founding the non-profit, Pink Warrior Angels. Jen embraces the struggles and joys the world has to offer.


Jennifer Smith (Starr)

IG: Starrazure

Jenn was diagnosed with IDC in 2011 She is a state leader in NYC for Young Survivors Coalition and a life-long athlete and adventurer, with a fourth-degree black belt in karate, and a love for ice climbing, hiking, surfing, and just about anything else physically and mentally exerting. Cancer only made her more fierce!



 Jersi Baker

IG: Angeldisguise_

TW: Angeldisguise_

After Angela's 3rd diagnosis with breast cancer she founded Angel In Disguise Inc. This non-profit provides complimentary transportation needs for people with breast cancer to doctor appointments, get medicine and to run light errands. Through her organization, Angela tries to inspire hope in other by "making the impossible, possible."


Julie Moser 

TW: angels_warrior

Julie was diagnosed in 2013, while her husband was deployed to Afghanistan. Facing loneliness and fear, Julie received support from her friends and loved ones in the form of companionship, care packages, and patience. She learned to take things slowly and appreciate the small moments that truly matter. While leaning on others, Julie found strength she did not know she had.



Kara Skaflestad

IG: fightingpretty & karaskaf

TW: fighting_pretty

Kara Skaflestad embodies her mantra of Fighting Pretty. After her battle with breast cancer at age 26, she has made it her personal mission to help all women battling cancer to feel strong and beautiful through her non-profit "Fighting Pretty."


Karen Malkin-Lazarovitz

IG: karenlazarovitz_brca 

TW: Karenbrcamtl

At the age of 34, Karen was diagnosed with the BRCA mutation and chose to have a prophylactic mastectomy because of the high lifetime risk of breast cancer. To connect women dealing with the condition, she created an international private support group called the BRCA Sisterhood on Facebook, which is now the largest of its kind linking almost 10,000 women. 


Kiku Collins

IG: kiku333

TW: kikucollins

Kiku Collins, a musician you’ve likely seen and heard on television, has established herself at the heights of pop, jazz and R&B as a trumpet, trombone and flugelhorn artist. She lost her mother to metastatic breast cancer while in her teens, and later herself diagnosed with breast cancer. Kiku still receives treatment for her cancer and lymphedema, a condition resulting from her unilateral mastectomy and lymph node removal.


Kimberlee Jones

TW: Kimberlee_layne

Kimberlee was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer at the age of 25, just ten years after her mother passed away from the same condition. With the love and support of her friends and family, including her then fiance, now husband, she is thriving and celebrating life.


Leslie Falduto

IG: Lesliefal

TW: Lesliefalduto

Leslie Falduto became a metastatic breast cancer patient after six years of living disease free. She is passionate about her family, health & fitness, as well as educating the general public on Metastatic Breast Cancer. As an advocate, she has frequently participated in campaigns & programs related to breast cancer services, and is sitting as a board member of #Cancerland.


Maggie Kudirka 

IG: BaldBallerina

TW: BaldBallerina

Maggie Kudirka began dancing at age four and continued into a professional career. Following a stage IV breast cancer diagnosis at age 23, she created the Bald Ballerina social media movement to raise awareness that breast cancer does not discriminate. Maggie is a passionate advocate for metastatic breast cancer, working with various foundations to raise awareness and funding. She travels throughout the U.S. giving master ballet classes and speaking to young dancers about metastatic breast cancer. 


Megan Stull

TW: MeganAnneStull

Megan Anne Stull officially joined the breast cancer family at age 34. After a lumpectomy, bilateral mastectomy, and four rounds of chemotherapy, Megan became committed to raising awareness of breast cancer in young women and finding better treatments and a cure for metastatic breast cancer. Megan’s list of involvement with charities, events, and mentorship is not short by any means.



Meghan Koziel

IG: Meghankoziel


At the age of 26, Meghan was diagnosed with stage 2B Breast Cancer. Meghan devotes her time to educating the public by working with brands and blogging her experience. One aspect of this is learning to feel beautiful after treatment. To this, Meghan says “Sparkle On,” letting your inner glow and beauty come through to the forefront. 


Molly Kochan O

IG: mollyfromnyc

TW: WhereDoesItLead

Molly has had breast cancer since 2011 and has been metastatic since 2015. She is currently writing a memoir about her journey, which addresses sex as the antidote to death in the face of a terminal diagnosis. Along with the book, she and best friend, Nikki Boyer, are in development of a TV show, based on a fictionalized version of her life.


Nikki "Tripp" Tripplett 

IG: thatdamntrip

TW: ThatdamnTrip

Nikki “Trip” knew that she would be diagnosed with breast cancer just as her grandmother and aunt did. The diagnosis came when she was 36 years old and brought forth unexpected instances of discrimination and stereotyping. Nikki decided to fight back and cuss back for as long as it takes.


Paige More

IG: Paige_previvor

TW: Paige_more

Whether it’s traveling across the world or sitting on the couch watching reality TV, Paige is happiest when with friends and family. An adventure seeker,
adrenaline junkie and proud big sister, she took her health into her own hands after testing BRCA 1+ last year and opted for a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. Paige has now vowed to get involved in the community and be there for as many women as possible.


Rach Dimare

IG: rdulay

TW: RLdulay

Rach DiMare is the creator of the fashion blog RD’s Obsessions. She was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer in January 2016. She is a breast cancer advocator and uses her fashion blog to share her cancer journey and bring awareness to the struggles young women with breast cancer experience. She believes that fashion and style can give anyone a boost of confidence, just as it gave her throughout her treatments.


Rachel Park

IG: survivormoda.rachel

TW: survivormoda

Rachel Park is a tie designer and founder of Rachel Park Designs. As a triple-negative breast cancer survivor, she is became committed to raising awareness for the issue. During breast cancer treatment, she founded Survivor Moda and used her sewing skills to create The ParkPuff™, a stylish chest-comforting, go-anywhere seat belt pillow for breast cancer survivors worldwide.


Rhayne Thomas 

IG: PrunesAreSexy 

TW: RhayneThomas & PrunesAreSexy

Rhayne Thomas is a born and bred Bronx, NY girl living in Las Vegas. Although she wears many hats, just a few include: Blues Vocalist, Cancer Activist/Survivor and now the owner of Prunes Are Sexy Holiday. Her mission in life can be summed up as “We have to take care of each other.”


Rhonda Smith

TW: brstcancerprtnr

Rhonda is the Founder of Breast Cancer Partner, an organization that works to empower women diagnosed with breast cancer to become their own health and wellness advocate. Her goal is to create a world where each and every breast cancer survivor lives a life that is full of vitality, cancer free and without fear, so that recovery is a life-enhancing and not a life-limiting event.


Shay Sharpe 

IG: ShaySharpesPinkWishes

TW: ShaysPinkWishes

Shay Sharpe is the President and Founder of Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes, Her non-profit organization educates, advocates, mentors, supports, shares resources and grants wishes to children & young women who have been affected by breast cancer.


Stori Nagel

IG: HausofVolta

TW: HausofVolta

Stori Nagel joined the breast cancer sisterhood when she was diagnosed at age 38. She and her husband founded Haus of Volta, a nonprofit that aims to uplift, educate, inspire and slay by photographing breast cancer warriors as pinup models, teach mindfulness, live fierce, and look damn good doing it.


Susan Morreale

IG: HerStorybuffalo

TW: HerStorybuffalo

Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of only 4 years old, and from then on her life was set on an unexpected track. She decided to share her story to empower and strengthen women. She created the Strong Woman jewelry collection, sold in her shop Her Story. After her sister’s fight with cancer came to an end, Susan’s created Her Sanctuary, a place for women to reflect and retreat.


Vonn Jensen 

IG: vonntourage

Vonn Jensen is a U.S. based cancer advocate and vanguard approaching advocacy through the lens of social justice. Vonn founded the movements Flattopper Pride and Queer Cancer. Using a variety of media, they have worked for visibility as a means of combating the marginalization that certain groups, such as the queer community, face during treatment.


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Celeste Baldwin
Celeste Baldwin

February 09, 2018

I too am a breast cancer survivor. 6 months ago I joined a group of fellow survivor, badass, take life back after cancer women. We decided to try Dragon boat racing after hearing about a dr’s study of excerise (dragon boat racing) and lymphedema. We loved the feeling of power and living that this activity gave us and we are now fund raising to buy our own boat. Our one and only race last fall was cancelled do to forest fires and poor air quality. We have 3 races planned for this summer. Imagine, 20 breast cancer survivors in a Dragon boat paddling their hearts out and taking life back.

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