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Why Mindful Beauty Makes A Difference

Why Mindful Beauty Makes A Difference

Dana Donofree
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Always love introducing other game changers, that take their expertise and experience with breast cancer to make a difference in the lives of us that need it most, and that is why I am thrilled to introduce, Lori Bush. Lori is a mother, wife, cancer survivor and co-founder of Solvasa we sat down to talk more about how cancer led her to create amazing and mindful skincare products.

Lori is an inspiration to all of us at AnaOno which is why I want to share her story with you, never give up because you are never alone. Read more to hear more about why her cancer diagnosis taught her it's the little things in life that count. 


Where were you in life when you received your cancer diagnosis? 

"It was 2017. I was at the beginning of a new phase.  My husband and I had both retired from active management to spend more time pursuing discretionary (i.e. fun) interests.  We had recently moved into a home on a vineyard in California wine country (a literal dream come true) and we were funding a family business … a restaurant … in Sonoma.  Steve and I were traveling quite a bit, checking off bucket list destinations. I was the Executive in Residence at University of San Francisco Business School and I endowed a seed fund for female entrepreneurs at Temple University Fox School of Business (my graduate alma mater) and was engaging in events at both Universities.  I had taken on some board roles, both non-profit and corporate and was doing some private investing (including AnaOno) and mentoring of first time CEOs. "


Did you ever think about receiving a breast cancer diagnosis? Did you have a family history?

"There was a lot of cancer in my family, but no breast cancer.  However, breast cancer was something I intellectually understood was a risk for me like every woman, but I also thought I lived such a healthy lifestyle that I wasn’t at high risk.  As it turns out, aspects of my lifestyle probably put me at higher risk.  On a side note, around 2005, I was one of over 200 candidates recruited and interviewed for the CEO position of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and was one of the final two candidates, although ultimately the foundation selected the other candidate who was a breast cancer survivor and I had to agree, for that reason she was the better candidate for the position. 

My sister was diagnosed after me.  Her diagnosis was as unexpected as was mine.  But both of us are a tale of dense breast tissue in which regular mammography missed or would have missed the cancer.  Ultimately, I was Stage I ILC and she was DCIS, but her lesions were very close to her chest wall and very dispersed and she required two surgeries to achieve clean margins before having radiation therapy."

Why Solvasa? What drove you to create something after your diagnosis? 

"It was the recognition that there was a huge gap in the skincare segment of the beauty industry and I had both the personal need as well as the professional experience to address it."

Three images of Lori Bush, co-founder of Salvasa Beauty. Lori is holding up her favorite products to showcase them to her customers

Beauty & Skincare is something that disrupts patients’ lives, just like their underwear drawer? It can sneak up on you from no where, what advice to give you to newly diagnosed patients, or those facing skin issues after/during their treatment? 

Tread gently on your skin; avoid aggressive, irritating cosmeceuticals like retinoids, strong acids, bleach-based products  and even certain forms of topical Vitamin C. Most importantly, know that doing the right things for your overall wellbeing will reflect beautifully on your skin.  Recognize that one of the biggest unrecognized enemies of beauty can be emotional stress.  Learn mindfulness techniques and integrate them into your self care routine.

Some of the most popular products include the Solvasa Mindful Double Cleanse, the Crystal Energy Wand & DeStressance® Serum and the Integrative Beauty Journal 

The Solvasa Mindful Double Cleanse is designed to give your skin what it needs to remove the remains of each day and support the restorative process while you sleep, and what it needs each morning to refine the skin’s surface. 

The Crystal Energy Wand & DeStressance® Serum is made to brighten your appearance and ease tension. Combining vibrational massage and gua sha with a skin-brightening serum, you’ll see changes -like de-puffed skin and softened lines- that will leave you radiant inside and out.

The Integrative Beauty Journal comes in a set with the Crystal Energy Wand & DeStressance® Serum and the Crystal Energy Wand. You'll discover how to turn your own intentions into habits-for bright skin and even brighter outlook.


Salvasa's co-founders mission statement, along with their three most popular products placed next to them

What would you tell another cancer patient or survivor who is thinking of creating the solution they were missing in their treatment? 

I’m a big believer in return on luck.  We all have luck events in our lives, both good and bad. Those of us who find ways to turn either sort of luck into purpose have the opportunity to create a legacy.  Start with intention and keep in mind that progress is not always one directional. Celebrate the small wins and stay agile.  As the brilliant philosopher Dolly Parton says, “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

What is your favorite Solvasa solution?

"As a 35 year veteran of the skincare segment of the beauty industry, I am so proud that we have been able to create such a comprehensive set of benefits with such a small range of products.  And because our products are all designed to address the universal skincare need of resilience to inflammatory stress, our Solvasa products are now my staple for radiance.  Remember, the concept, like integrative medicine, is integrative beauty which means that the true benefits come from respecting the skin – body – mind relationships.  So for me, setting aside some time to sip a cup of Golden Moment Turmeric Elixir while noting intentions and “3 good things” in my Solvasa 21 / 90 Integrative Beauty Journal are as important to the radiance of my skin as my daily Crystal Lymphatic Massage with the vibrating Crystal Energy Wand and DeStressance Serum. "


Lori and Dana's favorite products from Salvasa. We have the yellow tumeric and we have the deep cleanse face wash


What would you share about your experience with others newly diagnosed?

I really believe the power of optimism worked on my behalf, but I also have to appreciate that I found my tumor very early on and that supported a generally good prognosis and a breadth of treatment options.  So I have to be sensitive to the possibility that others may not be in such a fortunate situation upon diagnosis and my experience may be entirely irrelevant.  That’s why I focus on those who have not yet had to face breast cancer … I believe I have more to offer in encouraging a mindful, anti-inflammatory lifestyle and the habit of self exam.  In fact, set that as an intention and write it in your Solvasa Integrative Beauty Journal!


Solvasa Integrative Beauty and AnaOno were both founded by breast cancer survivors who know that beauty and wellbeing have new meanings for those of us who have dealt with cancer of any kind. That is why we have partnered up to curate a collection for you and your loved ones with these simple, mindful self-care practices to help you feel a little better and shine a little brighter. Shop the Solvasa x AnaOno collection now and help support our community!  


Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.