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The Best Fitting Bra Styles For Wide Set Breasts

The Best Fitting Bra Styles For Wide Set Breasts

Dana Donofree
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The Best Fitting Bra Styles For Wide Set Breasts

Have you ever felt that your breasts are too far apart? We get it, this could happen naturally or after a breast reconstruction surgery. We got you. Keep reading for the best fitting bras for wide-set breasts. 

Are Your Breasts Considered "Wide Set"?

Do you have natural breasts that sit wide on your chest wall? Or perhaps you recently had breast reconstruction surgery and you feel like your breasts are set further apart than they were before your mastectomy? It can happen. 

Have you heard of the “three-finger rule”? Good, because we hadn’t either, and actually it doesn’t even matter. Having a wide chest wall and having breasts that can feel far apart from one another can make bra shopping difficult. We are here to help you navigate what bras are best for widely spaced breasts.

Full coverage bras with side support

You may find having additional side support can help you tame those far away breasts, but it can also become uncomfortable. Check out our  Monica Full-Coverage bra to ensure that you're supported in all the ways necessary but still have comfort for all-day wear. 

Monica full coverage bra

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Underwire bras

Looking for push-up bras? We can agree that this may feel like the right fix, but it can also cause extreme discomfort and even a little spillage on the sides. Instead of pushing your breasts into something unnatural, we say ditch that underwire bra, and try our  Gloria Underwire free bralette to give those girls something to be proud of.

Gloria underwire free bra

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Front closure bras

Wearing a bra at all can feel like a pain from time to time, and that is why we love our front closure bras when dressing is just too complicated and fit is a challenge. For women with wide set breasts, we recommend the  Melissa Plunging front closure bra. It is fun, flirty, and easy to get in and out of with a great plunge to show off the cleavage. 

Melissa front closure bra

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Wire free bras

Push-up bras aren’t everything they say they are, especially if you are looking for a bra that suits a wide set chest. Our  wireless bras come in many silhouettes so you can find what suits you for support and style. You don’t have to choose just one, many can take you from day through night. 

Gloria wire free bra

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Sports bras

Sports bras tend to be the go-to bra for wide set chests. Why? Because they are essentially a shelf bra and require no cups to fit into for widely spaced breasts. Our  Paige Wrap Front Sports bra will fit wide spaced breasts without the need to push or lift them into cups that may be uncomfortable. 

Paige Wrap Front Bra

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Long line bra

Long line bras can be difficult to find, but look no further! Most are pull-over (or even step-into) style, making it flexible and easy to get in and out of. Try investing in a cute pullover bra, like our dreamy  Delilah pull-over bra. The plunging neckline is sexy both in and out of the gym, making this gem a necessity for your everyday wardrobe. 

Delilah pullover bra

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Wide Set Breasts Are Not Abnormal, It Is All Based On Your Body Type

Feeling like your breasts are too wide-set after your breast reconstruction? We get it, because we hear it a lot. This is oftentimes a result of your rib cage and your skeletal structure. It can be more rounded, like a circle, or it can be flatter, like a barrel. 

Your body type often influences the results of your reconstructive surgery, but it is not all up to your body type. We recommend you get a second opinion with an accredited  ASPS surgeon to determine your options to ensure the implants have not moved out of their pocket or could cause any additional pain or discomfort. If you have undergone a FLAP reconstruction and experience wide set breasts, talk to your doctor about additional options with  fat grafting and overall structure.  

To sum it all up, breasts and chest come in many different shapes and sizes, and that is why we pride ourselves on boob-inclusion. No one is perfect. No two pairs are the same. And we each have a unique body, heart, and mind. So don’t fret your widely spaced breasts, email us at to answer any of your challenging fit questions, and we will be sure to assist. 


Question: How do I know if my breasts are too wide?
Answer: Every chest is created with its own uniqueness, we can help you embrace these differences. 

Question: Can I fix my wide-set breasts with breast surgery?
Answer: We recommend finding a surgeon with  American Society of Plastic Surgery to consult to find out if breast surgery is right for you.

Question: My breasts are too far apart after breast reconstruction, what do I do?
Answer: Talk to your surgeon to find out if the reconstruction is at all compromised, if it is not, ask what are you options in order to repair and achieve the aesthetic result you are looking for. If they say “nothing,” we recommend seeking a second opinion.

Question: Which bras are best for my wide set breasts?
Answer: Our bra collections at AnaOno, are boob-inclusive, we fit wide-set breasts, narrow breasts, no breasts, and new breasts. We recommend contacting a fit specialist at

Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.