The Best Post-Operation Clothing - Post-Op Clothes

May 14, 2020

The Best Post-Operation Clothing	- Post-Op Clothes

Recovering from breast surgery can be challenging. Whether you’ve had a mastectomy, reconstruction, lumpectomy or augmentation, there’s bound to be some soreness and limited range of motion during this time. By prioritizing your comfort, however, you can make the process a little bit easier as you feel better each day. One of the best ways to make sure you’re comfortable during recovery is by choosing post-surgery clothing designed specifically for breast procedures. This will allow you to feel better as you heal and adjust to the changes to your body.

Our mission at AnaOno is to make sure patients, survivors and thrivers feel their best during recovery and beyond. Learn more about what makes for the best post-operation clothing and find out where to order some pieces for your own recovery or that of a loved one.

Post-Surgery Clothing Features to Look For

You might picture yourself lounging in your favorite sweatshirt after your surgery. Others may think that wearing loose, baggy clothing is the key. The truth is that most of your regular clothes aren’t a great fit for recovering from breast surgery. For example, most sweatshirts have fairly small armholes, which makes it difficult to get it on comfortably without causing any discomfort, especially in incision areas.

Instead of wearing your go-to clothes for relaxing at home, find post-surgery clothing that’s made for those recovering from a mastectomy or other breast surgery. A wire-free camisole, for example, is easy to put on and gently conforms to your shape. Consider choosing a top with a wrap front style that makes it easy to check on any incision sites or drains as needed without having to take your top off completely. Another option is a stretchy bra with super-soft, breathable fabric. Choose a front closure style or a step-in bra to make sure it’s easy to get on and off while you have limited range of motion.

When you want a little more coverage, wear a post-mastectomy robe. Make sure the robe has low cut armholes to maximize your comfort as you heal. A front tie will provide easy access for changing bandages and checking incision sites. You can even find robes with detachable belts to help with drain management.

Where to Find Post-Operation Clothing

Some clothes that are appropriate to wear after your breast operation can be found at regular retail stores. Most of your recovery should be spent at home. However, when you do need to go out for doctor’s appointments or other essential activities, wear something that’s easy to put on and which isn’t too tight in the top. A flowy button-up dress or a wire-free camisole with a loose sweater cardigan are a couple great options to consider. These types of pieces can be found at many retail stores.

However, most of your post-op wardrobe should come from a specialty site like AnaOno. This is where you’ll find items like post-mastectomy bras and camisoles. You can also get post-surgery loungewear, such as robes with drain management belts. These items will be essential during your recovery. As an added bonus, they’re comfortable enough to continue wearing long after you heal.

Check out a great collection of post-operation clothing and accessories when you shop online at AnaOno. We’re the best source of apparel and bras for breast cancer patients, survivors, thrivers and caregivers.

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