What you should wear after a breast augmentation
What Should You Wear after a Breast Augmentation?

What Should You Wear after a Breast Augmentation?

Dana Donofree
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What Should You Wear after a Breast Augmentation?

While you might love to try on the cutest lace bralette right after your breast augmentation, you’re not quite out of the woods yet. You’ll have to wear more supportive bras, and likely comfortable loose clothing, while you continue to recover in the weeks and months after your procedure.

You may be wondering, what should I wear after a breast augmentation? Read on to discover what are the best garments to wear immediately after surgery and the weeks after while you recover. 

What Should You Wear Immediately After A Breast Augmentation?

Similar to most surgeries, you’ll have to follow some general rules after your procedure to encourage and facilitate proper healing. But what you need to wear, and for how long you need to wear it, depends on your surgery type and trajectory for recovery.

Your breasts will be swollen and sore immediately after your procedure, no matter which type of augmentation you had done. A compression bra, which helps encourage proper blood flow, reduce the chance of bruising, and helps keep swelling down, will likely be a mandatory part of your wardrobe in the few weeks after surgery. If you had implants placed, a compression bra can also help hold them in place while you heal, ensuring better post-surgery outcomes.

When searching for a compression bra, you’re going to want to find one that doesn’t have any underwire. You’ll also want a bra that’s easy to take on and off, since you’ll be too sore to struggle with ultra-tight bras that slip over your head.

Most folks can expect to wear a compression bra for one to two weeks before transitioning to a post-surgical bra. Depending on how you’re healing, however, your doctor may recommend that you wear one for longer.

Post-Surgical Bras

Once you’re out of the initial stage (and with your surgeon’s clearance), you’re going to want to find a post-surgical bra to get you through the next four to six weeks. Similar to a compression bra, you’re still going to want a bra that’s adjustable and comfortable while offering critical support to ensure your new breasts heal correctly.

Our favorite post-surgical bra is the  Monica Full Coverage bra. The Monica bra is the perfect combination of a regular bra and a sports bra. It offers compression and coverage, has adjustable straps, and is underwire-free, with cups that mold to your body instead of just sort of hovering over your boobs. Made with a super-soft modal fabric, this bra is comfy enough to wear out or lounging at home. To check out a few more of our current favorites, check out our  post-surgery recovery collection 

Monica Full Coverage Recovery bra

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Accessible Clothing

When it comes to accessible clothing, you can’t find more comfort than in a cozy pair of sweats and a zip-up hoodie. Yes, loungewear is recommended as you recover! Anything from a sweatsuit to full-fledged pajamas and your favorite robe is the way to go.

The key here, though, is accessible clothing. While you recover, you’re going to have limited range of motion, which may make getting dressed and undressed difficult. You may also need to regularly manage surgical drains, change bandages, or provide other care for your surgical site as directed by your doctor. Make sure whatever you wear just slips on and off -- no reaching, stretching, or complicated ties or snaps that make removal difficult.

If you need an ultra-soft and cozy robe, we’ve got the one for you. Our  Miena Robe is the ultimate loungewear piece perfect for a workday at home or a day resting in your favorite easy chair. Made with our top-quality modal fabric, this robe features a simple wrap-around tie so it’s easy for you to put on and take off. With an internal drain management belt that can be removed if not needed, your drains can be held securely in place while you move around. 


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What Should You Not Wear After Surgery?

As mentioned earlier, after your surgery, you’re going to need a supportive and comfortable bra that’ll support your breasts as they heal appropriately. So although you want to go out and buy the cutest lace new getup, you’re going to have to wait a bit. Here’s what you should avoid after surgery until you get the go-ahead to do so (always consult with your doctor to understand what options are best for you post-surgery):

  • Any bra that is too tight or constrictive, unless directed by your surgeon
  • Avoid smaller cups, look for full-coverage bras to aid in your support
  • Stay clear of itchy or scratchy materials, look for super-soft materials like our modal to stay comfortable
  • Bras with no structure, such as certain lingerie or a bralette, your surgeon may request specific post-surgery bras or binders to help with healing

When Can I Start Wearing Regular Clothing After Surgery?

Around three weeks after your surgery, you can slowly begin transitioning back into regular clothing. While it’s still advised to not wear pushup bras or anything underwire, you can go back to wearing normal tops and dresses, as long as it doesn’t put too much pressure on your breasts. If you’re questioning what clothing is appropriate at this time, it’s best to speak with your doctor. 

Find Your Post-Augmentation Garments at AnaOno

Whether you’ve just left the surgery center or you’re well into your recovery, AnaOno has the perfect bra for you. No matter if you now have implants, underwent a breast reduction, or had a fat transfer breast augmentation, your boobs will need extra help with healing as the weeks and months move on. For some, this can be a long and arduous process, and a comfortable and supportive post surgical bra is your friend here.

AnaOno’s bras and  post-surgical clothing are designed with you in mind. Don’t make your regular clothes work for you during the crucial recovery period -- you need a bra that fits your needs and facilitates healing. With features like underwire-free support, ultra-soft and breathable modal, and cups that mold to your body, all our bras are designed to support your needs, whether you’ve had a unilateral mastectomy, just underwent breast reconstruction, or had a partial mastectomy. Your body is unique, and so are your needs, and AnaOno is here to meet those needs.

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