Why The Wirefree Bra Is Your New Best Friend After Surgery

June 17, 2019

Why The Wirefree Bra Is Your New Best Friend After Surgery

After a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, your f(oo)bs don’t require the same kind of bra style or support they used to. Same for the flat and fabulous ladies out there. Underwires are now ill fitting, and oftentimes very uncomfortable. Not to mention, underwires often can cause unnecessary pain after breast surgery.  Different reconstruction options yield different results, so molded cups that leave gaps and puckering are no longer a viable option. So, what’s a girl to do? 

Meet your new BFF: The Wirefree Bra. Wireless, cupless bras are the new essentials to your lingerie drawer, because they work for you if you have two breasts, one breast, or no breasts at all.

What Is A Post-Mastectomy Wirefree Bra?

A wirefree bra is a style of bra that does not have an underwire. It's as simple as that, but it doesn't stop there. A Post-Mastectomy wireless bra is constructed without an underwire, but is also made with a material soft enough to soothe post-surgical skin. All AnaOno post-surgical bras are wireless, super soft, and comfortable, so you can focus on healing. Better yet, these styles are beautiful beyond surgery, and become favorites for years beyond for thrivers and survivors because of their fashionable design and quality.

How Do I Choose the Right Wireless Bra?

The next time you’re out shopping for your wireless bra, keep the “Three S’s” in mind: Support, Softness and Seaming.

Support: This might seem like a no-brainer, but the right wirefree bra will support your f(oo)bs or flat and fabulous body differently than an underwire bra. When shopping for a bra after your mastectomy surgery, look for a wireless bra that doesn’t have unnecessary, additional structure. No more miracle bras and no more lift. Instead, look for non-foam cups that are wire-free.The more structure in a bra, the more you have to force your new body into a shape it no longer has. When wearing bras not made to fit your body, by the end of the day, you will be really ready to rip that thing off! Comfort is key, so go with something that supports your body after mastectomy and reconstruction, and underwire-free is the way to go!

Mackenzie A. shows off her DIEP Flap Reconstruction in The Gloria Bra. Photo courtesy of @mackenziealleman

Softness: Surgery can leave the skin with heightened sensitivity caused by surgical incisions, nerve pain, scar tissue, and/or the side effects of radiation and breast cancer treatment. Making sure you are looking for uber-soft materials is best to ensure your skin is getting the care it deserves. At AnaOno, our breast cancer bras use softer-than-cotton modal, stretch lace or breathable mesh, so that our bras feel comfier than ever, no matter your scars or surgery.


The Front Closure Bra is made from ultra-softest modal. Andria B. gets comfy in the Ivory. Photo courtesy of @andriabenavidez

Seaming: Pretty bralettes are nice, but what sets a great wirefree bra apart and gives you the comfort after surgery is the attention to detail in the construction. The right wireless bra will have intricate seams mindfully placed so they don’t irritate sensitive surgical sites and areas most impacted by radiation treatment. All AnaOno wirefree bras are crafted with care with an irritation-free design and soft cups, so you won’t even notice you have it on.

The seaming of the Kiku Bra gives the illusion of an underwire bra, but gives the ultimate comfort of a bralette.  

What Underwire-free Bra is Right For Me?

Double Mastectomy with reconstruction: The Gloria Bra is our sexiest style, and is made to show off your new body. This style is designed with gorgeous spandex stretch lace, so it won’t irritate any sensitive skin areas, while still feeling sexy. This underwire free bra features fully lined soft cups, elegant decorative seams, and a satin bow that adds rich feminine details. Want something a little bit cozier? The Front Closure is a f(oo)bs best friend that is beautiful beyond surgery.

Flat: The Leslie Bra is a flat and fabulous fav! It’s our super luxe, sporty style perfect for our those who are #proudflatties. The super soft modal fabric is a dream against your skin, while the mesh cutouts are breathable and light. It also comes pocketed for the days you want to rock your breast forms.

DIEP Flap Reconstruction: The KiKu T-Shirt Bra is sporty, sexy and super soft. Made with uber soft modal fabric, this wireless style features beautiful seaming that mimics the look of an underwire, but gives you the comfort of a bralette. It will become your favorite underwire free t-shirt bra for everyday wear.

Unilateral Mastectomy with Reconstruction: The Delilah is feminine, flexible and built to support your natural breast and non-reconstructed side in perfect unison. This lacey comfy bra is also pocketed for the days you want to rock your F(oo)B Breast Form Insert, pad or prosthesis.

Unilateral Mastectomy without Reconstruction: The Leslie Bra offers light support, is incredibly soft and versatile. Perfect under a t-shirt, or a smooth button up top, this wireless option is so stretchy, you can even step into it or pullover, making it an easy everyday choice for ultimate comfort.

Lumpectomy or Radiation Therapy: The Wirefree Wrap Front Camisole is the ultimate all-day lingerie piece. We love this cami, because it works as a top as well as a bra! With soft feminine lace in the back, this wrap front wirefree style is perfect whether you want to layer it under your favorite blouse, or all by itself with dark jeans for a night out.

Au Natural: No surgery? No problem. All of these styles mentioned above fit natural breasts like a glove and will keep you comfortable all day long. Who doesn’t love super soft, supportive staples with style?

Wirefree bras are truly your new best friend. They are comfortable enough to wear all day and all night—even while you sleep. What bra are you most excited to try?

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