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Your Complete Guide to Finding Bras for Petite Frames

Your Complete Guide to Finding Bras for Petite Frames

Dana Donofree
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Your Complete Guide to Finding Bras for Petite Frames

Finding the right size bra can be hard, especially when you’re petite. A lot of bras may not be available in your size, and when they are the right size, they may not be just right. More often than not, you end up leaving the store frustrated, with a bra in hand that either has a weird gap, or fits loose in some places and tight in others. You seem to constantly give in on some aspect just to find a bra that’s close to what you need.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Read on to discover how to find your perfect bra size, and what features to look for when searching for bras for petite frames like yours.

Is There Such A Thing As A Petite Bra?

If you’re someone who has trouble finding a bra due to your smaller frame, the good news is that there are plenty of brands that gear their designs toward people with petite frames! Many companies offer bras in both smaller bands and sizes, sometimes going as small as a 28-inch band and a AA cup size. 

But there’s plenty of variety within those smaller band and cup sizes. When looking for your ideal bra, there are a few features to keep in mind that’ll help you find the truly perfect fit -- you’ll learn about them later in this guide.

What Are Sister Sizes, And How Can They Help Petite People?

Have you ever gone bra shopping and noticed that your size is always out of stock? If the answer is yes, we have a trick for you. By knowing your sister size, you can have up to three size options, making shopping a lot less stressful the next time around.

A sister size is basically finding a different size bra that holds the same volume, even if the band or the cup are different from what you normally wear. When finding your sister size, you can go one of two ways: Either go up in cup size and down in band size, or go up in band size and down in cup size. Although it may seem like you’re completely changing bra sizes -- which is technically true, sure -- your new bra size is still providing the same cup volume, so you won’t have awkward gaps or ill-fitting cups despite the new size. For example, if you normally wear a 32A, your sister size would be a 30B or a 34AA.

Sister sizes can be helpful for petite people, as they can open up more properly-fitting options for you. This is especially relevant if you have a tiny frame and big boobs, as finding a bra with a small band size and a large cup can be a real pain in the you-know-what.

Figuring Out Your Bra Size

If you’re trying to  figure out your true bra size, opting to have a salesperson measure you can leave you with an ill-fitting bra, especially if you’re getting measured with a padded bra on. So unless you plan on stripping in the fitting room, you may want to measure your body at home. To find your size, follow these simple steps below. 

  1. Measure your band size. Without wearing a bra, grab a measuring tape and place it directly beneath your bust, typically where your bra band would sit. Make sure that the measuring tape is level and snug. If it isn’t a whole number, round down. (Remember, your bra stretches over time!)
  2. Measure your cup size. Typically near your nipples or the fullest part of your bust, comfortably wrap the measuring tape around your body. Round this measurement to the nearest whole number.
  3. Determine your true size. With these measurements, you now need to calculate your bra size. To do this, you need to subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement. If it’s a one-inch difference, you’re an A, two inches a B, and so on. 

The Best Bra Features For Petite Frames

Many times, shopping for a bra when you’re petite usually goes one of two ways. Either you find a bra that contains a cloud’s worth of padding, or your bra makes your boobs look totally nonexistent. Say goodbye to the days of gaping and non-realistic figures and hello to a look that’s truly all you! Look out for these petite frame bra features to get started.


Whether you have very little boobs or big boobs, all breasts need to be supported. No matter your size, gravity will eventually hit. All boobs will sag over time, big and all alike. Finding a well-fitted bra, whether it's fully padded or just ever-so-lightly lined, can help keep you looking and feeling upright.

Versatile Cups

Versatile cups are a great option, especially if you have a smaller bust. One of our favorites is the  Maggie: This bra provides plenty of support, without moving an inch on comfort. This bra combines a full coverage feel with a very attractive look, finished off with a mesh polka dot layer covered by a lace plunge detailing.

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Bra Spacing 

Bra spacing sounds odd, doesn't it? Surprisingly, it’s a very important feature to consider when bra shopping! Especially for our smaller busted friends, you’ll want to find a bra that doesn’t have touching cups. That’s because smaller boobs have more space between them, and cups close together won’t fit as well. It’s best to opt for a bra that has a minimum of one inch between the cups, so they can properly sit over your breasts and fit you better. 


Just because you have smaller boobs doesn’t mean you have it all bad. You can opt for cute and comfy bralettes! This style is not only the comfiest bra there is, but bralettes also come in many fun styles. Bralettes look great under any outfit and they support and uplift (pun fully intended) the natural shape of your breasts. One of our favorite bralettes is the  Molly Plunge Bra. This perfect everyday bra is wire-free, seamless, and has the perfect plunge to accentuate your natural shape! 

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Find Your New Favorite Petite Bra At AnaOno

At AnaOno, we know all too well that not all women can fit into the same bra, nor should they! This is why our collections are designed to fit you, not the other way around. Boobs of all shapes, sizes (including petite!), or stages of life can find support and comfort in one of our bras. Each one is underwire-free yet supportive, and made with  soft modal fabric yet holds you up. With a wide selection to choose from, you can find your new favorite bra just in your size.  Start your search now!

Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

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