March 14, 2019


We know finding a bra after breast surgery can be overwhelming. That's why we do what we do. AnaOno is always here to help make you feel comfortable in a bra that fits and is made just for you. When it comes to fit, the needs for those of us who’ve had a mastectomy, reconstruction, radiation, lumpectomy, other breast surgeries or those with pain, are very different than the standard underwire and molded cups often found in most bras, and can limit options to less-than-ideal sport bras and even NOTHING at all! We know we deserve better. That’s why our entire collection is designed for your needs in mind.  


AnaOno believes no one should have to face this alone. We know because we’ve been there. Our styles were designed to help us all, because we believe that beauty and comfort should not be a compromise. We all deserve pretty things. No matter your surgery or if you’re feeling discomfort or pain, we’re here to help you find something that is comfortable, makes you feel beautiful, and helps you to focus on healing. To be able to put someone in a bra that helps them not only feel comfortable again, but feel beautiful, is why we love what we do.

Our line of lingerie, swim and loungewear options are specifically made for those affected by breast cancer, breast surgeries, pain, recovery and beyond. The collection includes a ton of specific design features just for you, like underwire- free bras, non-molded cups, super soft modal fabric for comfort, adjustable straps and customizable hook closures, a front closure option for easy dressing, and so much more. So that no matter who you are, you can feel comfortable, beautiful and empowered.


When trying to find your new fit, these few easy questions can help us determine the best size and styles for you.

1) Do you remember your band size before your surgery?

2) What would you say is your most accurate dress size?

3) If you had to “guess” your cup size, what would you say is most relatable?

Since AnaOno is made without the boundaries of structured cups, each style will have flexibility on each body type and surgery outcome, so band and dress size will really steer you in the right direction for our fit. Reference this super easy guide below to determine which answers lead to the right AnaOno size. From there, depending on your surgery, there may be many variables to which recommendations are made, but the sizing should remain consistent from style to style.

Now that you’ve found your size, what styles are right for you? We’re here to help! We designed our new fun fit guide quiz as another tool to help you even more to find your size, with specific style suggestions made just for you based on your body. All it takes is answering a few easy questions, and along with your size, we can help you find what to wear!  Here’s how it works.



Knowing what surgery, treatment or discomfort you’ve had helps to narrow down products specifically made with the changes to your body in mind. Whether you’ve had reconstruction, a bilateral or unilateral mastectomy, lumpectomy, wear breast forms, are flat and fabulous, had radiation, or au naturel, we have styles designed specifically for you, so you can feel confident, comfortable, and sexy too!


1. Bilateral Mastectomy with Reconstruction

2. Bilateral Mastectomy without Reconstruction

3. Unilateral Mastectomy with Reconstruction

4. Unilateral Mastectomy without Reconstruction 

5. Mastectomy with Breast Form 

6. Lumpectomy 

7. Au Naturel


Next, we need to determine your size. Unlike traditional lingerie, our styles run from small, medium, large, xlarge and xx. Similar to above and based on your surgery, we will ask for your band size, dress size, and if needed, cup size, to determine our suggestion.

Then, voila! You’re set to shop. When taking our quiz, your results will shoot out your own personal shopping experience, with styles made to support your body! You can try the quiz here to start shopping and finding your new go-to bras! And for some more suggestions, check out all our collections here. 



If you’re unsure or want some extra tips, we’re here for you, which is why we offer personalized fitting consultations. The AnaOno team, trained by founder and breast cancer thriver, Dana Donofree, is always here to help make you feel comfortable in a bra that fits and is made just for you. Feel free to talk to a fit specialist for some extra help.

No matter what you choose, our easy exchanges and returns policy makes it convenient for you to find your new go-to’s, without the hassle! So go on and shop and find your new comfort and sexy! 

Have you tried the quiz or our fit tips? Tell us what you think below! Share with us how you found your new favorite styles and any tips you have to share!


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