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    Unilateral Bras

    After a unilateral mastectomy, you might be looking for a bra to support one side and lay comfortably against the other, or you might want a bra that you can use with a breast form on your surgical side. Whatever it is that you are looking for, each AnaOno unilateral mastectomy bra is designed especially for you and your unique body. With non-molded cups bras, wire-free bras, and pocketed bras, you're sure to find a style you love!

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    Our Unilateral Bras For Recovery and Beyond

    If you've been wondering what to wear after a single mastectomy, this collection includes a number of versatile bras designed for your body. Specifically, AnaOno bras are designed for those with unilateral mastectomy with reconstruction or unilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.

    Since these bras are wire-free, they won't cause discomfort when you've recently had a single mastectomy. However, they can be worn well beyond your recovery, and many thrivers/survivors do choose to continue enjoying a high level of convenience and comfort. Wear these unilateral mastectomy bras with or without molded breast forms to get a look that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you're a caregiver looking for comfortable and supportive bras for one breast, we've got you covered.

    Breast Forms for One Boob Bras

    Need breast forms? AnaOno is your source for high-quality breast forms that you can use with your single cup bra. Sold individually or as a set, our F(oo)B Breast Form Inserts are exceptionally lightweight and weigh less than one ounce, creating a comfortable feel and natural look that can make you feel wonderful. Our expertly designed breast forms are the ideal alternative to breast prosthesis when worn with a unilateral bra. Both right- and left-side breast forms are available.

    The Perfect One Boob - Unilateral Bra

    Whether you want a unilateral mastectomy bra for effortless, everyday wear or one with a little bit more sex appeal, you can find a great fit in this collection. We offer practical bras with lightweight, breathable materials that you can wear comfortably all day long, including post-mastectomy front closure bras that make healing just a little bit easier. For something that feels sexy and special, choose a unilateral bra featuring lacy accents or bow details.

    The beauty of our single mastectomy bras is that they can be worn during recovery and beyond. Select a pocketed front closure bra from our collection for the ideal fit you need for comfort after surgery. We also have wire-free camisoles to wear beneath your tops, sweaters, and jackets. Our amazingly soft, comfortable bras come with practical features such as stretch lace, adjustable straps, four-hook closures, and removable modesty pads to meet your needs as you recover, lounge, work, and go out and about.

    Why the AnaOno Unilateral Bras

    No matter what mood you're in or what you have planned, you can look and feel your best in a single mastectomy bra designed with your unique needs in mind. Browse our collection to find unilateral bras along with breast inserts. We also offer gift cards for caregivers, friends, and family members who want to show their support.

    Unilateral Bra: Frequently Asked Questions

    When can I wear a unilateral bra?

    Our unilateral bras are designed for those who have:

    • Had a unilateral mastectomy with reconstruction
    • Had a unilateral mastectomy without reconstruction
    • Need a one breast bra for added support
    Can I wear your unilateral bras long after I’ve recovered from my surgery?

    Definitely! Each of our high-quality unilateral bras can be used well beyond recovery. In fact, many of them come with pockets that easily accommodate prosthesis or lightweight breast forms, making it an easy decision to continue wearing them for years beyond your surgery. Our unilateral bras also have non-molded cups that lay flat against the chest, helping you feel confident and comfortable every day with or without our ultra-lightweight breast form inserts.

    Can I wear your unilateral bras if I am flat-chested?

    Yes! We designed the world's first bra specifically for flat or small-chested women - the Maggie Pocketed Bralette. If you prefer, you can go with a mastectomy bra with pockets, allowing you to insert appropriately sized breast forms.

    What are the features of your unilateral bras?

    Our unilateral mastectomy bras were created specifically with you in mind:

    • Lightweight
    • Made with a super-soft material that is gentle on your skin
    • Wire-free
    • Our unilateral front closure bras are easy to put on and remove (especially when arm movement is limited)
    • Affordable
    • Pocketed options to add a breast form to one side
    • Non-molded cups
    • Adjustable straps on select unilateral bras
    • Full coverage options
    Can your pocketed unilateral bras add volume to my appearance?

    Our pocketed unilateral bras give you the option to wear breast forms to provide balance and symmetry. Regardless of what style you are looking for, we have the perfect pocketed unilateral bra for you.

    I’ll have reduced arm movement after my reconstruction surgery. Can I wear the unilateral front closure bra?

    Yes! Our unilateral front closure bras were specifically made for this purpose. It’s common after surgery to have reduced arm movement, making it difficult to put on a bra. Our unilateral front closure bras make it easier for you to access dressings, drains, and more while you heal. Additionally, these bras are wire-free and made from the softest material, so you don’t need to worry about any skin irritation.

    The Rora Unilateral Front Closure Bra blends perfectly under t-shirts and can even be worn to bed for ultimate relaxation.

    Do you offer double mastectomy bras?

    Yes, in addition to our unilateral mastectomy bras, we also offer double mastectomy bras. View our collection here.