Bras for Reconstruction

Celebrate Your New Beginning with Breast Reconstruction Bras

Your breast reconstruction surgery signifies a whole new beginning, one where you can focus on healing and loving your new body. AnaOno's soft post-reconstruction bras are the perfect complement to reclaiming your confidence again. They're designed to help you recover, relax and reclaim, with features designed for and by patients, survivors and thrivers just like you.

So what makes a reconstruction surgery bra different from any other kind of bra? We design each bra with care, only super soft materials for supreme comfort as you heal and special features that make everyday life just a bit easier. Front closure options, super soft and breathable modal material, no underwire and pretty design features and pockets make these ultra-plush post breast reconstruction bras your new essentials.  

Feel Beautiful, Confident and Comfortable Post-Reconstruction

We all deserve something beautiful and comfortable, especially after reconstruction surgery. AnaOno's reconstruction bras are designed to make recovery easier, with soft silhouettes that avoid surgery scars, so you can feel comfortable and confident. No more additional pain after your breast reconstruction, our bras are designed to avoid irritating areas that underwires often stress even more. They are soft and underwire free so there is no pressure on your scars or around your breast causing you discomfort. The bras come with pretty lace finishes, dainty bows and matching undies, so you can feel sexy, beautiful and just like you as you wear them through recovery, treatment and beyond.

Our breast reconstruction bras for after mastectomy are designed to fit those who have undergone reconstruction surgery including DIEP flap, TRAM flap, implant reconstruction, and can also be worn for recovery of other reconstruction surgeries or breast surgeries, breast reduction, lumpectomy and bilateral and unilateral mastectomy. Recovery is made easier after any kind of breast surgery with these lightweight, comfortable bras. Their comfort, style and affordability makes them favorites even after you've healed. Take advantage of our easy returns and exchanges and get free shipping when you spend $75 or more on reconstruction recovery must-haves.