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    Bras For Implants

    Breast implants can make finding a bra tricky, and at AnaOno we understand that all too well! Our bras are designed especially to fit and comfort you after surgery, while making you look and feel as beautiful as ever! We know that with implants support is not at the top of your list, so our bras are designed to keep you comfortable without being too heavy or structured. Wire free and non molded cups are the key factors in making our bras your new favorites to wear all day long!

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    Molly Plunge Bra $59.00 USD
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    Modesty Pad Set $9.00 USD
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    Celebrate New Beginnings with Breast Reconstruction Bras

    Whether you are at the start of your new beginning or along the path to regaining normalcy after recovery, we're here to help you find the best reconstruction bras for you. Healing and loving your new body is something that we know is very important for self-confidence and choosing great-looking bras with practical enhancements is a big part of this process. AnaOno's soft and comfortable breast reconstruction bras can play a big role in helping you look and feel great. They're designed to help you recover, relax and reclaim, with special features designed for and by patients, survivors and thrivers just like you.

    Reconstruction Bras Make Healing Easier

    What makes a reconstruction surgery bra different from any other kind of bra? It's all about adding components of support and comfort that are so effortless, you have less to worry about in the days, weeks and years after your breast reconstruction surgery. We design each breast reconstruction bra with care and an eye towards practical enhancements and quality. We use super soft materials to construct our bras, and this high level of supreme comfort helps you heal, while helping to make everyday life just a bit easier. The AnaOno difference is evident when you experience front closure options, super soft and breathable modal material, no underwire and pretty design features. You can also find bras with pockets. Overall, this attention to your needs is what makes any of our post-breast reconstruction bras your new essentials.

    Bras for Reducing Arm Movement

    One of the most important features of a top-quality breast reconstruction bra is the front closure. After surgery, you may not be able to raise your arms, which can make managing your healing and getting dressed a bit of a challenge. Since you may need to access dressings, drains, and more while you heal, this bra style is essential to a smooth recovery. Front closure AnaOno bras make post-surgery dressing and care easier and more convenient.

    It's also essential that you don't wear any wired bras following surgery, as this can cause irritation and pain. We offer the softest wire-free reconstruction bras that make a fantastic alternative to your previous bras.

    The beauty of our high-quality bras is that they can be used well beyond recovery. In fact, many come with pockets that easily accommodate prosthesis or lightweight breast forms, making it an easy decision to continue wearing them for years beyond your surgery. Explore AnaOno to discover well-designed breast reconstruction bras with stretchy lace, bows, mesh and more features to make you feel sexy and comfortable around the clock.

    Feel Beautiful, Confident and Comfortable Post-Reconstruction

    Thrivers and survivors deserve something beautiful and comfortable, especially after reconstruction surgery. AnaOno's breast reconstruction bras are designed to make recovery easier, with soft silhouettes that avoid surgery scars, so you can feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. Our bras are designed to avoid irritating sensitive areas. By going underwire free, you can avoid putting pressure on your scars and sensitive areas. Some of our elegant bras come with pretty lace finishes, dainty bows and matching undies, so you can feel sexy, beautiful and just like you as you wear them through treatment, recovery, and beyond.

    Our breast reconstruction bras are designed to fit those who have undergone various types of reconstruction surgery, including DIEP flap, TRAM flap, implant reconstruction and explant. Our bras can also be worn for recovery of other reconstruction surgeries or breast surgeries, breast reduction, lumpectomy bilateral and unilateral mastectomy. Recovery is made easier after any kind of breast surgery with these lightweight, comfortable bras. Their comfort, style and affordability make them favorites with patients, caregivers and thriving survivors. Take advantage of our easy returns and exchanges and get free shipping when you spend $100 or more on reconstruction recovery must-haves.